Noob question about external 3.5" Drive Bays

Is it possible to mount internal hard drives to external 3.5" drive bays? Or does it depend of the case?

I am looking to buy a Thermaltake VD3000SNA, but I don't like the internal 3.5" drive bay cage.

Since I only plan to use one HD I would like to remove the cage (for better airflow) and mount my HD to one of the external 3.5" drive bays. Is this possible or am I stuck with the cage?

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  1. You can stick it where ever you want, if you aren't going to use a floppy then go ahead and use that top spot, there are also conversion kits to fit the 3.5" hdd into a 5.25" drive bay.
  2. I figured it would be ok, I just wanted to make sure that 3.5" external bays have their screw holes in the right spots for a hard drive. I didn't want to come across any surprises after buying the case.

    Thanks for the speedy reply.
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