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Hi all,

I've already posted this in another section before realising that this is probably the best section to ask this question. Sorry to anyone who is re-reading it.

I'd appreciate any first hand experience in responce to a query a friend of mine has regarding use of a 20" external LCD monitor (1600*1050 native resolution) with his laptop.

His laptop has the ATI radeon xpress 200M chipset, and his query is this...Will DVD playback be good on the external monitor? Is it even supported?

I do know he will have to use a VGA connection as his laptop does not have DVI.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help with this query
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  1. There should be no problems with viewing a DVD movie on the external monitor via a VGA connection.

    Output the notebook screen/desktop to the external monitor after making the physical connection. Usually, right clicking on the notebook desktop will give you a menu to output the graphics to the external monitor screen. Of course, you will turn on the monitor first.

    If the external monitor has speakers, your audio may be better from the monitor than from the notebook's speakers. Use a a proper cable connection from the notebook's audio out [or headphone port] to the audio in on the monitor.

    An even better audio performance would be to powered speakers in an AV system.
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