Sweet spot system

I am thinking about a new system but not spending fortune. I guess the biggest question right is CPU. Core Duo looks nice but not in my range.

I play some games, have a decent vid card (6600-256) and lots of drives so ideas on Mobo and CPU pairs please.

Big Al in Seattle
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  1. Need to know what size PSU and age of PSU
    Memory type and speed
    Graphics card agp or PCI-E
    Drives IDE or SATA
    What do you need it to do?
    Last but certainly not least what budget are you looking for
  2. I usually set a budget. Currently:

    Motherboard under $100
    CPU under $200
    Memory about $200

    I can always find hard drives, and misc other parts around the house.

    I could build reasonable machines for $200 less

    Motherboard under $100
    CPU under $100
    Memory about $100
  3. PSU - new in box Antec truepower 430 w

    Memory depends on MB, 1 gig min, prefer 2 gig or easy upgrade

    Graphics Card g-force 6600 -256 apg8x also have the TV card (haugphuge??)

    Hard Drives - a couple 250-300 gig, new in box SATA and IDE

    I want it for a DVR, a games machine(WoW) and web browsing/email. I don't need to O/C (sorry if that is heresy around here) so stable is key.

    I hope to buy the rest of the parts<$500

    Big Al in Seattle
  4. Core 2 Duo E4300 $179.00

    ASRock 775Dual-VSTA $57.99

    G.SKILL 1GB F2-5300PHU1-1GBNT $91.99

    Pioneer DVR-111D $32.49

    Rosewill R604-P BK 120mm Fan Mid Tower $29.99

    About $391 before tax & shipping.

    Get another gig of ram if you want. The 2GB version is more than expensive than 2 sticks of 1 gb.

    On the mobo page, click specs for details. Supports AGP/PCI-E/DDR/DDR2. Not a gaming/oc board. Good for what you do.
  5. All Right, thanks Akhilles. I was not finding an Intel MB that had AGP and most of the AMD mb were the 939 socket. Not sure about the DDR/DDR2 slots. Are the RAM boards dual channel or do you need 2 boards? Other than that I like the combo.
    I do have cases and DVD Drives and if the Vid cards works(for now) I can get 2 gigs of RAM I think.

    Why not just go to the core 2 duo for the small difference in price, as the 64-3800 will be stuck on the 939 boards.

    Big Al in Seattle
  6. If you dont want to spend a lot of money and stil want a decent mobo go for Asrock!
    Id still get a intel dual core though, what about the E6300?
  7. I am sure they are good boards but the AGP vid card is the catch. Show me one that works and I would look at it.
    I went with the e4300 for the price, and I still have upgrade paths to the e6300 or a core quad.

    Big Al in Seattle
  8. Asrock has a mobo with a AGP and a PCI express slot!
  9. Bah, PSUs are overrated. Get some 10$ PSU, it will be fine. :wink:
  10. CM, why pay for a PSU, the one you get with the case always works better.
    Wacky, got a link or number to the MB?

    Big Al in Seattle
  11. Especially those quality Powmax PSUs. :wink:
  12. I always use good ol' Dell PSU for all my high end systems

    Big Al in Seattle
  13. I took my contacts out of my eyes, buy my eyes still burn. I'm a bit worried and irritated.
  14. What ? 167 W more than you can handle? on a good day, if the sun is down, and the Solitare is paused.

    Big Al in Seattle
  15. I don't know. My eyes have had allergic reactions to the contacts in the past, but these contacts were supposed to put an end to that. Something like little bumps forming inside the eyelid causing discomfort. Arg. Maybe it's because I spend half of the damn day staring at a screen. It's LCD though... sooooo.. Oh well.
    [/b!tching ends]
  16. Quote:
    Asrock has a mobo with a AGP and a PCI express slot!

    The only one Newegg has does not list the Core Duo on the processor list

    ASRock MB
  17. Why would you want it? AGP is getting more expensive that PCIe. Or maybe it IS.
  18. That is the card I have now, getting a new one would cut back other parts like more RAM

    Big Al in Seattle
  19. Look on the Asrock site.
    The mobo numbers are: 4Core Dual-VSTA
    775 Dual-VSTA and
    775 Dual 880 Pro.
    Wacky 8)
  20. PS did you know that: Asrock has exellent overclockers!
    Asrock is a division of ASUS!
    Asrock wins a lot of rewards!
    Asrock has all kinds of cool gadgets, like mobos with
    upgradable cpu sockets and stuff!
  21. newegg isn't the best place to look for up-to-date specs.


    Yep, c2d & dual channel ram ready.
  22. Wacky, you suck for posting twice in a row.
  23. Well exuse me!!!! :roll:
  24. I like it. so far we have:

    E4300 Core 2 Duo ~$160
    775Dual-VSTA ASRock MB ~60
    2x1gig DDR2 667 Memory ~$200 not sure here
    NForce 6600-256 AGP 4/8x have
    300 gig SATA HD have
    16X dual DVD have
    Mid Tower Case have
    430 W Antec PSU have

    So $420 I have all the little stuff and XP pro, new in box I know there are still tweaks left, so thoughts and ideas????

    Big Al in Seattle
  25. Hi All.
    Looks sweat!
    Are you getting a soundcard or are you going to use the onboard?
    As for the memory,is it the price or the make or the mhz youre not sure about?
    What about CPU cooling, do you have one of those? If not, check out the
    ASUS website, they have some really pimp coolers, and so does Cooler Master!
    See ya,
    Wacky 8)
  26. The only thing I'd do is ask newegg for the bios version on the mobo.


    The mobo needs a P2.10 bios for e4300.
  27. More great input.

    Onboard sound is fine, I never have any sound so anything is an upgrade.

    Since I do not on any OC'ing a stock cooloer should be ok, I will look at that more.

    I was not sure of the mhz, but I looked some more and found I needed 667. I will go with a value series, which ever look good at the time.

    Thanks for the heads up on BIOS.

    Big Al in Seattle
  28. Weel I am reassessing my choices. My card will not run Oblivian. SO .....

    E4300 with Stock cooler
    2x1gig DDR2 - 667 value brand
    HD and DVD the same
    PSU going get a 600 w prob antec maybe PP&C
    Either a X1950 or 7600 PCI -16X
    Hear many people recommend the Gigabyte P5 MB

    How's does this sound?

    Big Al in Seattle
  29. :D
  30. Quote:
    Weel I am reassessing my choices. My card will not run Oblivian. SO .....

    E4300 with Stock cooler
    2x1gig DDR2 - 667 value brand
    HD and DVD the same
    PSU going get a 600 w prob antec maybe PP&C
    Either a X1950 or 7600 PCI -16X
    Hear many people recommend the Gigabyte P5 MB

    How's does this sound?

    Big Al in Seattle

    Wow. You're def. hooked. lol.

    X1950Pro is it? Of course way faster than 7600 whatever.

    P5B, is it? It's from ASUS. Solid. Gigabyte DS3 is popular here.

    PSU - OCZ, Enermax, PCP&C (most expensive & probably the best).

    Revise your list & post here.
  31. Stopped into the semi-local store today. Found some things I wanted, others too much or too NEW.

    I got 3 things, 2 of them being the biggies as far as shipping goes.

    Lian-LI PC-805B black $100 Not sure why but here is the case Lian-LI G50B
    Enermax 535W PSU $100
    MSI 965 NEO-F 775 $120

    Also got a deal on speakers $10 for 2/4 & sub-controller box

    Had little in the Vid card, 7600GS for $179
    No such thing as an E4300! When I told NewEgg for $179, he scurried in back.
    Did not ask about RAM

    So still to get:

    E4300 C2D Stock Cooler
    2 gig value RAM

    And then verify the drives I have will be ok (black)

    Thanks for all the help so far.

    Big Al in Seattle
  32. You're welcome.

    The parts aren't bad. I couldn't find a picture of the case. If it's a medium/full tower, it'll fit the mobo.


    The cooler costs about the same as a stock one, but cools better.
  33. The cooler and RAM looks good. Not sure about the card. Never heard of Jetway. MIght run by a list of choices before I decide.

    Big Al in Seattle
  34. looked at video cards today. Choices limited to < $200 w/shipping

    SAPPHIRE 100186L Radeon X1950XT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 VIVO PCI Express x16

    SAPPHIRE 100176L Radeon X1950PRO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16

    PNY GeForce 7900GS Video Card, PCI Express, 256MB DDR

    One I might have to shop if I decide on that one as it is a bit over budget. What do you think? Amazing how 1 letter can mean so much.

    Big Al in Seattle
  35. SAPPHIRE X1950PRO any day. Good price & performance. It'll destroy the 7900gs in the same price range.

  36. There... are... a... million... posts... debating.... this.... Nobody... cares.... anymore.... it's been... discussed... into.... oblivion...
  37. Most of the tests in Tom's CPU chart give the X1950 pro an edge, some small other a little more. The thing is the difference in price ($50).

    Yes Akhilles, definatly hooked, so much I slowed down playing WoW!!
  38. If someone hasn't already mentioned it, the lowly Hard Drive is the slowest component of any new computer, and therefor limits the total system performance more than any other component.

    Therefore, even if you have plenty of hard drives, if the case is that none of them are top notch, it's one purchase that really pays in computer speed in daily use.

    Seagate 7200.10 is a good choice (avoid 7200.9).

    If you are really about faster system performance, even go for the $150 Raptor.
  39. Finally made up my mind to decide and buy the stuff. Here is the list, finally.
    E4300 allendale 1.8mhz
    sunbean cooler; have artic silver in the toolbox, check if it good
    2x1gig kingston ram not listed as value but lower price?
    MSI p965 Neo mb
    enermax 550 w PSU
    Li-lann case mid tower but it is wide!!
    x7900GS Video

    Windows XP
    HDD sata 300gig
    DVD 16x dual sided
    Floppy/media reader

    Most of it will be here by Monday, I will keep you informed on the build
  40. 8) WoW all-nighters await you. :mrgreen: Very solid setup.
  41. Youre definately going to have a good time!, Nice setup!
    Lets hear how it turns out.
    Wacky :D
  42. Another slow down. I knew about this but forgot at the time. When I buy things, I use the main Debit M/C. It was set up many years ago to the same I address I use at work, my PO box. UPS will not ship to PO boxes. Well, the tracking shows been here, don't delever, send back to vendor. And Newegg will not reship, I have to reorder. I ws going to add this to the why it takes so long for 2 day delivery but that thread was getting off topic as it was. Now it is why does it take 2 weeks to get my order.
  43. What a cockup! Here i order online at the store around the corner and pick it up when its ready(1-2 days). Pay cash at the store.
    Hope everything works out, must be frustrating.
    Good luck!
    Wacky :roll:
  44. Small glimmer of hope on one part. Fed-EX called me and asked for an acdress to deliver to, will can hope it comes this week. Still no word from Newegg.
  45. Newegg is usually prettty good about handling matters.
    Keep us posted on Newegg's responses.
  46. Weekly update. Newegg order was returned and voided by UPS and Newegg. Fed-ex finally caught up to me and I get my vid card tuesday.

    So here is what I ordered from Newegg.
    2 x 1GB sticks price drop?
    e4300 C2D Still have the combo
    Ghost Recon GRAW free w/ CPU

    Any comment before I reorder later tonight?
  47. Found some things to think over

    e6300 $179 Free shipping.
    e4300 and free game(won't play)

    OCZ ddr2-6400 x2 for $150. I am ok with rebates from Fry's
  48. Finally got all the parts. Newegg got my parts back and cancelled the order. I saw it when they got it so I ordered again that night. Different parts-Saved money Cool huh?
    The List:
    Core 2 Duo E6300 Conroe
    Kingston 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 x2
    MSI 945P Neo3-F LGA 775 Intel 945P
    LIAN LI PC-G50B Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
    Enermax 535W PSU
    PNY GeForce 7900GS
    300gig SATA HD
    Dual-layer DVD Burner

    Can't find decent cooler everything sold out. Any Ideas? What did I forget?
  49. First of all, Akhilles is correct, I am HOOKED!!
    I have most of my parts so I will update the build.

    MSI P965 Neo
    2x1GGB OCZ Hi Preformance 4-5-4-15
    Scythe Ninja Cpu Cooler
    Maxtor 300 gb SATA
    Raidmax Modular 630w
    evga 8800gts 320
    Lian Li PC-G50B
    New XP pro
    Dual-DVD-WR 16x
    onboard sound, 3 way speaker system, gen keyboard and mouse

    long way from what I started with LOL!!!
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