power supply failure :(

Hey guys,
Well I was up at school working on a school assigntment tonight and my desktop just shut off while working. I have an Aspire X-Navigator which i got last year. The case has a 500w power supply in it. Since I built the computer last year i've been waiting for the power supply to go. (Well i guess wait no longer..right?) Ive deduced that it is the power supply because the whole system is dead. No lights, not fan spin, not post..nothing. I will put it in my roommates commputer tomoro to see if it will work at all. But my question is can anyone recommend me a good power supply. I am willing to spend around 100 dollars for it. I was looking at the hiper modular ps's but don;t know if they will fit.

The Apevia website says that the power supply is just ATX. Were they just inaccurate or will only an old power supply work.

also the friggin maintance guys came into our apartment today to fix our disposal and the guy wasn't getting any current to the switch its on. So he went to the circuit breaker and flipped every switch in the whole apartment....like 5 times without telling me. so my comp kept getting violently shut off. While it is connected to a surge protector there is no Battery backup or anything. Could this be the problem?

And also what is the likely hood that most of the random, no explanation shutoffs I have had with this build are from the ps.

I am running a
2 opty drives
2 sata drives
1 IDE drive
wireless card
1 gig ram
and a 7800gt
on a a8n sli board.

would like around 5-700 watts for future upgrades.

Thank you very much for your help, I desperately appreciate it.

p.s. sorry for lack of links I am so tired

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  1. thank you for your reply

    do you know if only ATX style ps will work, no v2.2 for future reference. even though i won't have this case much longer?

  2. (probably not a constructive respoinse)

    call that friggn idiot back with some bs story, when he comes over, ram your now dead psu down his throat.


    then sue the pants off him for psychological damage or sumat


    sorry, cudnt resist
  3. Well I was actually thinking about it, but assualt felonies don't look very good when applying for an engineering job.

    mpilchfamily: I havent seen those ps on newegg. Do you have a link, and the mounting holes dont look like they would match up with my case. Are you sure they will fit.
  4. Follow the previous links for power supplies there are a number of decent power supplies in the 100 Range. My favorites are Seasonics rock steady and very quiet but they aren't real cheap around $150 a little out of your range. I last bought an OCZ 700W $95 (after your 8 week wait for a rebate) from Tiger Direct two week ago for my son works fine, not real loud, but not as quiet as a Seasonic.

    The bigger concern is the failure of your PSU due to repeated input switching may have cooked your motherboard, GPU,CPU,or memory. As the field of the transformer decays it produces a DC voltage on the input and output terminals which typically isn't a problem as it decays within seconds but if switching times are less than a second a voltage spike may occur on the output of the transformer based on the polarity of the applied 60Hz AC at the time of reclosure.
  5. yes. I am worried about my other components. Hopefully it didnt take anything with it when it went. I am going to test my roomamtes power suplly this afternoon. I tested the power supply with a meter on the molex connector and got .038 of a volt. Guess thats a problem. I am hopeful that nothing went with it becasue it happend 3 times and ech time my computer booted somewhat until it just died.

    typing a paper...BOOM, shut off!


    booted up for about 10 min/ or enough time to save the document and everything....BOOM shut off!


    got to see some cool info about the energy saving features of the computer right after post....BOOM shut off.

    completley dead.

    hopefully my little guy didn't let me down...
  6. god those corsairs look sweet......

    have you used them?
    how loud?
  7. they do look nice but the only one i found on newegg @ 620w was 170 bucks and you had said 130. Was it just on sale then or something?
  8. What do you guys think about the hiper type-r? I've read mixed things. But it sounds nice with 20a and 18a on the 12v rails. I've also read that its quiet. But its also on the 4th tier of this websites heiharchy (sp)

  9. I have the 520w, Very quiet + five year warranty= :D
  10. Please do not bring rants from other threads into this one, it is disrespectful to the OP.
  11. thanks for your reply.

    I was hoping for something modular to clean up my case. I like the look of the black type-r.

    but will it be reliable enough? I dont ever plan on going sli. Just a e6600 build soon with a directx card.

  12. Agreed, the amps are split up between the rails but single rail PSUs are few and far between. I've only seen one (quality) company with a single rail and that would PC Power and Cooling.
  13. I predict a nasty PM in your future... :-)
  14. Please keep it up... I enjoy sending your PM's into the permanent 'trash can".

    Post count means nothing. Bad advice is bad advice, and so far you are at about 20% reliable information, imo...

    Just my 2p.
  15. yay!. Just installed my hiper 580 watt. Modular is fantastic. My case is so clean with little cable visibility. Power supply started nicely. Nice LED fans. Awesome! Hopefully it will last long long time. Thanks for all of your help guys..and as always the egg is great.
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