Response time of Samsung 170T or IPS panels?

I called Samsung and they said 20ms for the 170T. But's that not possible. Because according to ZDNet this panel is IPS panel and the MVA/PVA panels usually have like 25ms.

I read from blexxun posts that the IPS is the best for gray on off times(ie during gaming).

So anyone know where we can find this out?


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  1. Samsung and IPS? My first thought was:never! But on some Samsung sites the 170T is featured to have a TN/CE panel .This refers to the electode configuration but is typical for IPS. Samsung itself never mentions IPS on any of its monitor or LCD-panel sites (at least I haven't found one so far).
    I checked a patent database and found two patents about IPS filed by Samsung. So they have this technology but may be they just use Hitachi panels for some of their monitors.

    All Hitachis 17" panels (IPS) are slower (35ms and 30ms), you can check them out here:

    Samsung has some "CE" panels listet but they are slow as well.

    Anyway, it never has a **total** response of 20ms.

    Samsung monitor data sheets are really messy. You always have to cross check various country sites.
  2. Maybe they gave him best case scenario?

    My frog asked me for a straw...dunno what happened he's all over the place :eek:
  3. I went to and searched for a review of a 170T. The reviewer writes that this monitor uses IPS technology.

    So the 30ms IPS can be better in games vs. a 25ms MVA/PVA... Correct?

    It's very frustrating that many LCD manuf. don't bother writing more detail specs about panel technology and response times.

  4. Well what's the incentiove to write more about it- if people see a horrible grey response time, they won't buy the monitor, but if it just says a dandy 25ms, people will buy it. Isn't the 170T 25ms though?

    My frog asked me for a straw...dunno what happened he's all over the place :eek:
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