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Ok here is my situation, a couple of days ago my Vista config got corrupt, after trying to recover Vista i found out that the only way i could run vista again was reinstall the entire operating system (keeping in mind i have no idea where my Vista disk is). I decided that rather than buying Vista or going through all that again i would use windows 7 (i've had windows 7 on my comp for a while just never used it as a default OS just for testing and such). So i booted up in 7 went into the hard drive and made sure that i had everything on it backed up. I decided this was a perfect opportunity to clean up my computer a bit so near enough deleted everything (my drives are partitioned and they wouldn't let me reformat so i deleted a lot of the junk).

Firstly i would like to uninstall Vista from my system as its now useless its just there in essence and its "messy" (lol)
Also i need to re partition my drives as my "C:" only has around 80 GB of free space on with with the rest of my 1TB drive partitioned to drive "D" & "E"

These may have really simple solutions with something obvious that im over looking so any input would be helpful, i hope that what i've written isn't to difficult to understand and sorry if I'm being a bit "noobish"

James Curtis
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  1. first, you want to type 'Disk Management' in the start menu. From there you can delete the old windows partition and re-size the remaining ones as you see fit. There are many how-to guides on this online if you need more explanation.
    secondly, you need to type 'msconfig' in the run dialog (accessed by hitting the Windows key and 'R'). Go to the boot tab, make Windows 7 the primary OS by clicking 'Set as default' and then delete the older OS from the boot record.
    This will insure that the OS boots correctly
  2. While he can make Windows 7 the default OS as stated, he can't delete the old Vista partition from Windows as it contains the boot record.
    To get rid of Vista, you need to boot in with the Windows 7 disk, start the instalation choose disk tools format the Vista partition and then the repair option to fix the bootloader.
    If it was me, I would backup whats needed, boot in with the W7 dvd, delete both Vista & W7 and install from scratch on a clean partition.
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