Perfect Gaming Rig Suddenly gone bad!


I did a complete repartition and format a few days back. I installed both XP(with my PC at stock) and Vista. I installed nforce 6.86 and CAT 7.1 for XP. I installed MW and patched it to 1.3. The game was running absolutely fine for the first 2-3days except for some image tearing which is a separate issue and a known problem with my rig.

But after those 2-3days, MW started running like crap, sometimes stuttering, sometimes choppy, inconsistent and unenjoyable gameplay. Something similar happened to Rallisport demo. When I installed Oblivion a few days back, something similar seemed to happening to it(although both other games were getting good FPS while FPS were inconsistent in Oblivion).

FEAR EP demo runs perfectly fine and so does FEAR except that FEAR stutters often, but most other times it is smooth.
What could be the reason for this behavior?

AMD 64 3200 @ 2.4GHz
512MB Radeon X1900XTX
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  1. Do you have Oblivion under Vista or XP? Oblivion runs slower on Vista than XP, according to the article here at Tom's Hardware.

    Morrowind bogs down on many systems, it might be a memory leak or just the game drawing objects that cannot be seen by the player. It also has problems with XP Service Pack 2 that does not happen without the Service Pack. I've never been able to figure out a fix for that myself.

    As for Oblivion, try to lower some settings. It runs with a more inconsistent framerate on Nvidia cards, but otherwise, I can't think of anything that would slow it down that's not Vista related. Since you don't have an Nvidia card, but a chipset, could there be a conflict between the motherboard drivers and the Catalyst you're using?
  2. Main problem is MW not Oblivion. I am playing both games in XP. Also 20FPS in Oblivion in Dungeons at 12x9 MAX no AA, can it be normal?

    Please stick to MW first though.
  3. that resolution is fine for your video but I don't think your CPU has enough juice to keep feeding it consistently, its to slow.

    As long as no background services are running your gameplay will probably be ok although not fantastic. You need to do a complete rundown of what services or apps are running in the background because anythink that starts chewing at your memory and hard drive activity during gameplay on a slow CPU will very badly effect your game play.
  4. There are dozens of people with such CPUs and fast cards and get fine gameplay. I am not running anything in the background. This CPU is enough without doubt for a game released over a year back. It is oced to 2.4GHz.

    Anyway this point is irrelevant, as I said the game was running fine for the first 2-3 days and then the problems came.
  5. Quote:
    There are dozens of people with such CPUs and fast cards and get fine gameplay. I am not running anything in the background. This CPU is enough without doubt for a game released over a year back. It is oced to 2.4GHz.

    your right, I had a very similar system till about mid December also OC to 2.4Ghz, ran very well even Oblivion but if I try to run my agent news downloader, my games took a big hit because of HD usage especially Oblivion.

    Another quirk of Oblivion if you try and tweak the settings and get them wrong even slightly the game massively slows down and looks worse, If you reset them to one of their presets default or detected settings it speeds back up tremendously.
  6. Quote:
    ... I am not running anything in the background...

    You may not have any applications you can see in the task manager but there are processes and services running. Malware also hides from the task manager. Since the system was running fine and now is inconsistant means the processor time is going somewhere else.

    Have you scanned your system for malware and checked automatic update settings to be sure nothing else is running?

    What was installed around the time the stuttering was noticed?

    Have any drivers been updated?
  7. system restore back a few days to when it was running well? See what changed.
  8. I scanned using Norton Antivirus, fixed a low risk tracking cookie and then uninstalled Norton. Didn't solve anything.

    From the time of the problem I had installed a demo Rallisport and maybe some system update of windows.

    Could it by any chance be a power related problem?
  9. It could be. If your PSU is failing your going to see all kinds of problems. A $8 PSU tested at CompUSA can test to make sure the voltage is in range.

    Also, ditch Norton and download AVG @

    It is a much better product that is free for consumer use. It also uses less resources and is less buggy then any big box AV suites like Norton or McAfee.
  10. Refresh your drivers.
  11. It could be a power problem but I would not put this at the top of the list as you did not report andy hardware changes.

    Did you check all of your apps for auto update intervals. If you partitioned the disk and installed apps the apps may be 'phoning home' over the internet.

    Is the internet connection active when the stuttering occurs? Is the disk active a lot when the stuttering occurs? If the page file setting the same as before the re-partition?

    Look at Windows Performance Monitor and add monitors for user and priviledged processor usage times and see if there is a change when the stuttering occurs.
  12. It could be a power supply problem or an overheating problem. What cooling are you using on your CPU, Video and RAM?
  13. One thing you seem to have misunderstood.

    I had repartitioned, formatted and installed all drivers. After this the game was running fine overclocked for a few days and after that my troubles began both at stock and overclocked.

    Page file is set by storage drivers, they were same when the game was running fine.

    I don't know if anything if internet phoning or not, but I doubt.

    Yes internet connection is active. I didn't check HDD for special activity during stuttering. I didn't chekc the monitors.

    TT BT for CPU. Stock for cooling, but good temps atleast on idle for GPU. Plus how come it was running fine a few days back if cooling was the issue?
  14. Power supply is Antec NeoHE 500. MOBO is Asus A8N E.
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