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I am trying to work out how I can apply two different GPO's to one client.
I have a group of Developers who will be logging on with their standard
account then by using a third party product called NetExec will switch to
their Elevated Privilige Account, (this allows GPO's to work). The problem
is they only use one client. Most of the elevated priviliges are set on the
Computer configuration part of the policy. Therefore if the machine is in one
OU how do I apply a second GPO?
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.group_policy (More info?)

    You can apply more than one GPO to an OU. What Windows platform are you
    If you have more than one GPO applied, there is a precedence rule
    applied which gives teh resultant set of policies. On Server03, WinXP
    machines you can run rsop.msc to see the resultant set of policies.
    Please try this on a test Domain before deploying wide. If you have a
    Windows 2003 server, rsop also supports Planning mode for you to apply
    policies to see how they would work together.

    Srinivas Samprathi
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