Question about usb Active Extension Cable

If i buy one of those
"the last one"
do I must buy another one the same if i wanna more cable or i can use modified long usb cable sticeked at the end of that Active Extension Cable?

will signal be loosed at the end of the modified sticked into this Active Extension Cable?

i need this for wirelles usb adapter, about 20m long.

I was modified a cable but there is probably signal leak when it goes on long distances in green and white wire, black and red (power) do just fine.

Is there any other alternative for not buying a Active Extension Cable it is a hell expensive.

I dunno

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  1. The maximum length of USB2 is 5M. You can use a USB hub to extend it to 10M. Anything past that and you will need one of the active repeaters. I have heard of people having problems with them on other boards, and they are expensive.

    You might be better served by buying a cheap wireless bridge and running 20M of ethernet.
  2. tnx alot :P
  3. By the way the usb 1.1 did the trick with the man made cable :lol: , its solower than usb 2.0 but at those speeds it dont make any difference.
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