Help please, hard disk turning off!

Hello all,

I have a Sony VAIO PCG-F305, about 5 years old now and well used. I love it but it has started breaking down and I don’t know how to fix the problem. I hope you can help, this is my first laptop ever and I really cant bare to throw it away or even scavenge the parts.

When I turn it on, it works for a few minutes and then the light indicating that the hard disk is working turns off and the screen goes black. The light is turned on indicating that the laptop is turned on, but programs shut down (I know this because it logs me off MSN, people have told me I sign off when the hard disk goes, not when I turn off the laptop).

The hard disk wont turn on no matter how long I leave it and I have to restart the laptop. At first I thought the problem was overheating because when the hard disk turns off, the fan turns off and I thought the problem was that the hard disk was getting too hot. I had swapped the 10BG drive for an 80BG one and after the problem I changed it back but the problem is persisting.

Also I don’t think its overheating because this turning off happens most often a short time after I turn the laptop on, although it can turn off at any time, after working fine for an hour or it can keep turning on as soon as I log onto Windows. It could be my imagination but it seems that it often turns off right after I run a certain program like Windows Messenger. I know this isn’t a demanding program but this is an old laptop and simple programs are challenging for it.

In order to cool the laptop I have taken out the floppy disk, CD drive, battery, speakers and little coverings all over the laptop. It didn’t work and now I’m suspecting the chip might have something to do with the problem., although I have no idea how this could be. If you have any ideas, please post or email me on, thank you

I’m going to open the laptop again and see if unplugging the fan helps and I will have another look at the processor, I have to say I think the chip is under the fan and the metal around the fan does get hot, but like I said I don’t think overheating is the problem. I was thinking the problem could be that the laptop registers an incorrect core temperature and therefore shuts down the hard disk like when the laptop is idle for a while. I know this is a long message and I’m sorry for that but I just type a lot, I hope someone out there has some helpful advice or an idea, I hope to hear from you,

Regards, Dario
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  1. Do you have hibernation set on?
    Do a memory test with memtest86.
    It could also be a power problem.
  2. It could also be the battery.. Maybe its not pushing enough juice anymore?
  3. Does the hard-drive take forever to start the computer up?
  4. Thanks for your interest guys but i dont think its problem with the things listed below, at least not that i know. The power cord if good, i tried one from another VAIO and it still turned off. The battery has been flat for a year and i keep it out of the laptop and I dont think the hard disk takes long, in fact it used to turn the laptop on very quickly and load windows pretty fast, not extremely fast but it has 64MB RAM. I dont have bibernation turned on, first chance i get i set it so that its ok all the time, i only use the power supply so theres no need for it to hybernate, also I kinda wanted to do that memory test but it keeps turning off too soon, thank you for your help but i will write to some of the experts from some PC and laptop magazines my stepdad subscribes to. I hope this is fixed, i really like my lappy, thanks for the interest again and best of luck to you all
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