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I'm building a new gaming system and would like to get input.I've been building systems over 12 years but it's been 2 1/2 years since I built my last system and haven't totaly kept up on hardware.

(approx $1200-$1500 but flexible)

There is usualy a break point where cost vs perfomance ends (gained perfomance vs cost) and thats what im looking for. Best bang for my buck.

Please give me your input on my new kickass gaming machine and be specific and provide links if u can. I'd like input on everything. MB,Processor,Memory,Fan&Heatsink,Case,PS,HD(using WD Raptors atm),Video,Soundcard(SB Audiology x2 gammer atm),etc. you know the drill. :) I can possible use some of this hardware and replace it in my old system(saves me $).

-AMD X2 vs Intel Duo Core ? (hear Intel is on top atm even though I'm an AMD man)
-GEForce vs ATI ......SLI vs Crossfire (will determine MB)
-MB ...FSB ,MEM,Chipsets,Slots (Usualy use ASUS or Gigabyte)
-Memory (thinking 2gb Mushkin 667mhz DDR2 clock was 4-4-4-12)I know MB mem controller and bus speed will play a part in this.Can i do better?

PS: Are there any dual CPU MB on the market I might use?...just a thought :?

Thanks for your inpt before I buy my new hardware!!!

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  1. ^^^ Perfect for his budget.
  2. well, i'd go for the e6600 on this one. i believe that proc is the best bang for your buck.. as for sli/xfire... currently nvdia is on top with in the video cards. personally, i'd wait for the ati's r600 commin soon(to compete with nvidia's 8800gtx ). for the ram.. i'd go with 800mhz ram if you were to overclock.
    nice soundcard btw, KEEP IT! :D
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