having issues with default domain policy and a sub OU policy

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At the school we run a very basic group policy from a windows 2000
server/AD, most of the settings we need about the school are applied via the
default domain policy but i am trying to make things a little more
personnalised, we have a group of 16 laptops i am trying to get a custom
start menu to run on instead of the one that is detailed in the DDP.

the laptops are in their own OU, and i have build them their own group
policy file which contains all the setting we need to set up, and details on
the new redirection for the start menu. i have set up the group that the
redirection applies to, i have told it to block the DDP on that OU, and
enforced the policy for the laptops in that OU. But i cannot get it to apply
anything other than the DDP to anything in that OU.

this is a copy of the error message i am getting when i do a group policy
result test

first one

The Group Policy client-side extension Folder Redirection failed to execute.
Please look for any errors reported earlier by that extension.

second one

Failed to perform redirection of folder Startup.
The new directories for the redirected folder could not be created.
The folder is configured to be redirected to <\\W2ks3\Profiles\Pupils\Start
Menu\Programs\Startup>, the final expanded path was
<\\W2ks3\Profiles\Pupils\Start Menu\Programs\Startup>.
The following error occurred:
Access is denied.

now that w2ks3\profiles\pupils is from the DDP not from the policy for the
the OU for the laptops which is set to w2ks3\profiles\sciencelaptops

if i check the summary i get the following information from it

applied GPOs
name = default domain policy
link location = deacons.peterborough.sch.uk

but it should be
name = sciencelaptops
link location = sciencelaptops.deacons.peterborough.sch.uk

i have the following book group policy,profiles and intellimirror by jeremy
moskowitz but cant find anything that will help...

many thanks if you reply, i have msn messager if you can help over that.
andy baldock
deacons school
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.group_policy (More info?)


    whatever your problem is, one thing you should not really do is using
    the Default Domain Policy to modify GP for your domain other than
    domain wide security settings (which can't be bypassed by blocking

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