Small problem with DIY projector I've build. Please help.

Hi. :)

I've built a DIY LCD projector using the guide on thg. Unfortunately I didn't see the second article and didn't get the best screen for the job. The flat cable (or ribbon not sure what it is called) between the boards on the side and top of the screen is too short and thus holds the boards over the screens surface cutting off some of the picture. :?

Does anyone know if I can extend the length of this cable? Please? I'd love to have the whole picture. :lol:

Thanks for any suggestions! :wink:
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  1. *bump* Only one I promise. Then I'll be gone.
  2. i've got no solid clue about these things, but if you can't find a longer ribbon or cable, you could try your best to splice two of them together. it would probably be like an xbox controller to usb mod where you strip off the end of the xbox plug, take the usb end of a cable you have, and connect wires. Viola, you have an xbox controller for your pc! Anyway, if you google that it'll tell you what wires go where with pictures and all. But i didn't read the DIY article, so i'm not sure if you'll need to change your box dimensions so things stay in place. It reminds me of a laptop i opened and broke to see what was inside, and i couldn't put it back together because the ribbons and cables were so small i couldn't fit my fingers in there and keep the ribbons in place at the same time. Good luck with fixing that...
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