I only have so much hair to pull out.. please help =D

Hey, You guys helped me build my homebuilt (first time) about a month or so agao now. I have justr eceioved a new monitor and keyboard and all things were running fine. apart from a few minor problems.

Initially the BIOS ran well and OS installation was easy, I was installing my mobo drivers and as they each finished they needed to restart the computer. If my memory serves right it corectyl restarted upon installation fo the first two drivers but past those it simply shut down, me having to manually turn back on again. Ever since then (start of my build) I have not been able to restart and have to press the on button to bring it back to life.

This did not annoy me at first however as it seemed very trivial. I dont know exactly when, but i started to notice a few weeks after the build, that my machine would not turn on having shut down. It would ALWAYS start from cold, or having not been used for a while, but upon recent shutdown it wold simply "rev". It would turn on, whzz and whir yet the monitor would not kick in and it would simply go down again within 10 seconds. I found that pressing repeatedly did nothing and i would have to unplu from the mains and replug for it to work.
I started to get annoyed.

The problems really started pissing me off about a week ago now, I had restarted my comp after an install and it did not go down at atall, the screen went off but no noticable reduction of noise. I went on anyway. Later on my comp shut itself down as if a powercut had hit, for no aparant reason. I then had revved my comp a few 10 times while thoroughly getting annoyed. Upon opening of my case and a bit of poking and checking, it worked again.

This happened to me again the other day. And now i really need a solution, I can press the on button numerous times and ntohign will happen untill id isconnect, poke, and reconnect.

The other thing that may be is somehow related is my PSU. It has a standalone on/off switch i use instead of the mains, and when turning on, the comp will start of its own accord, and rev, then go silent again, no monitor output seen. Then i press on button and it works.

I think all of these are related to eachother somehow and i was wondering what you would advise. I do remmeber the restart working properly ont he first two driver installs, which leads me to beleive it may be the drivers for the mobo or the bios that need updating

Ok, now about 5 minutes ago I loaded my comp without the keyboard and mouse, so i needed to restart, i held down the on button to hutdown and the operating did shutdown, but my comp was still on!! wats going on?? AND when i pressed restart THEN on, it worked?

the fact that my monitor doesnt kik in also leads me to beleive it could be a gfx card problem, It may also be a problem relating to heat, hence the progression of it getting worse, or it could be related ot how i connected the on and off buttons to the mobo. but how would that explain the sudden loss of power??

Im at my wits end, and you guys seem to sort out my problems lol. so here i am again, delving in the deep pool of knowledge
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  1. First, try another PSU, borrow one if necessary.

    Secondly, clear CMOS, start again with barebones setup, follow beeps, reinstall 1 item at a time. :)
  2. hmm i reinstalled BIOS last night, said something about an AC power fix, think it may ahve done the job thank god, the computer still does not restart properly however?

    any other suggestions?
  3. I think you need a new power supply. In the meantime, however, try reseating CPU with a clean, and fresh thermal paste, and reboot.

    Good Luck :wink:
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