Nvidia ge force 6150le driver problem


i had windows xp on my pc with my lcd monitor working brill. i installed windows 7 ultimate. soon as windows started up my screen will go blue. they only way i can get it workinng is pluging my old 1998 monitor into my pc and change the hertz settings. for it to work.

when i restart my pc the hertz settings dont store. so every time i log on i have to use both. all drivers are all up to date. re installed xp to see if it was graphics card but works stright away.??

lcd is a 15 inch.
vga to vga.
nvidia ge force 6150 le (on bored)
use nvidia control panel to change hertz settings.
works in safe mode.

thanks for reading

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  1. #1: Edit your post to remove the the page of white space.

    #2: Have you tried checking the "Hide modes that this monitor can not display" box? Double check that you've downloaded the latest drivers from NVidia's website. I've used a GeForce 6150 with Windows 7 and it can work fine. Your problem REALLY sounds like a driver issue.
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