Which are the best motherboard in the sub-$230 region

hey i builing a new pc nd im not sure bout mobos im thinking bout dees right now:
Asus P5B-E Deluxe
Abit AB9 Pro
Gigabyte DS3
MSI P965 Platinum

Remember under $230
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  1. what are you requirements?
    If you want to overclock then the MSI isn't great & the abit is good but not great. There is a new version out called the AB9 QuadGT which Gary Key @ Anandtech says is the fastest 965 mobo so far & iirc it's $185 at ewiz & $220 at newegg.
  2. i will use an E6700 i will overclock a littlle but not much oner 3GHZ...yeah ive heard Bout The Quad Gt from abit nd i heard its gr8 but i thought it would be more expensive...hehe thx:D :)
  3. the ds3 is a good OCing board, if you where to get it you could downgrade on the cpu and OC it, and acheive similar performance.
  4. nah if i OC the 6700 ill get a performance like the QX6700:D:D
  5. Quote:
    nah if i OC the 6700 ill get a performance like the QX6700:D:D
    No amount of overclocking will give you two more physical cores. :?
  6. couldnt be more right with that statement.
  7. ds3 or p5b-e. Either one you cant go wrong with. Used both in great numbers and haven't had a problem with either. p5b-e has esata and IEEE 1394a (firewire) btw. never worked with the abit or msi boards so i will reserve judgement on those.
  8. thx i appreciate ur advice :)
  9. yeah maybe ur right but im always better off wid a 6700 OC'ed than a 6400 OC'ed :roll: :?:
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