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I am ready to switch from 32 bit XP pro to 64 bit Windows 7. I guess its time to utulize quad core AMD, and get the most from ram!
Question is this; Running 64 bit win7.. Will applications like Power DVD, nero burning utilities, ANYDVD run on 64bit rig?
I guess they might, but it won't utulize quad core processing. Are software manufacturers finally getting on board to base their product on 64bit technology?
It seems every time 64 bit OS comes out, supporting software companies NEVER get lured to 64bit.
Whats up with that?? Dont they want to have best utulization of technology, instead they are addiceted to 32 bits

Cheers guys!
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  1. All programs should work fine on x64 - it can still happily run 32 bit programs. A few really old programs may not work though - some used a 16 bit installer, and 16 bit is no longer supported.
  2. cjl is right. You need to understand that a 64-bit OS does not require 64-bit applications - only 64-bit hardware drivers. All of the programs you mentioned are applications, so chances are they'll run just fine.

    It's really only memory-intensive programs like Photoshop or a video editing suite that benefit from being built as a 64-bit application.
  3. Hi rlubocki
    You might want to download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. It will scan your entire system and check for compatibility of your existing software and components with Windows 7. You can download it here -- http://bit.ly/4C8qem . Also, please check the Windows 7 Compatibility Center -- http://bit.ly/4uZDu2 . From here you can manually search your components and software for potential compatibility issues.
    Finally, here is a step-by-step tutorial for the XP-to-Win 7 upgrade that may answer any questions you may have during the process -- http://bit.ly/136iEt .
    Best of luck with your upgrade!
    Windows 7 Client Team
  4. all these apps do run on win 7 64 bit!
  5. If any problems do arise, it will likely be because the application will have problems with Win7, but being 64 bit won't have anything to do with it. If a program is having problems in Win7 64 bit, it will act pretty much the same in Win7 32 bit!
  6. Guys,
    Thank you, this has been really helpfull!!
    Will give it a shot with 64bit OS (never had it).
    I got Windows 7 64bit Enterprise from Microsoft to try it out! (90day license)

    Cheers, Rob
  7. let us know if you need any help!
  8. Thank you brother!
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