Motherboard or processor problem ?

I got a brand new Intel DP965LT MB and Intel P4 3.06GHz 524 processor. Upon power up the MB emitted several alarm sound. As soon as the display came out the system shutdown. I tried a few times, the same thing repeated. I do not even have a chance to go into BIOS to note the BIOS version. Intel tech support advised me to remove the battery for 1 hr, go into BIOS maintenance mode, record the BIOS version, erase the event log and load the default optimum setting. But the rapid auto-shutdown just do not allow me. I checked and found the CPU fans and casing fans were all working, heat sink was clampped tightly to CPU and the heat sink was not even warm.

The brand new Intel MB originally could not POST. I waited 2-3 weeks until Intel gave me a replacement. Now I have to face this new problem.

I really appreciate if anyone could let me know what is the likely problem.
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  1. The several beeps on startup indicate memory or graphics card.

    Try cleaning and reseating them one at a time till you get one short beep - then you should be OK from there. :)
  2. Check the voltages for your memory in the bios. If the motherboard requires 1.8V memory and you have 2V memory your going to have the exact problem your describing.
  3. I brought the MB back to the reseller. The reseller tested the board with their own heatsink and fan and found nothing wrong with the MB. I rechecked my heatsink and fan and discovered that one of the plastic legs was bent. I straighten it, reinstall the heatsink and the MB was OK. The siren like sound heard earlier were in fact warning for processor overheating.

    However, immediately I faced another problem. My old HDD which could operate perfectly well with my old ABIT MB with AMD processor now could not be booted up. The system kept going back to the page to select boot up Normally, Last Known Working Settings, Safe Mode etc. No matter what I selected, it just came back to this page.

    I reported back to Intel Tech Support. Intel indicated that the BIOS version I found loaded with the new MB was not available from their web site. I was asked to perform a Bios Recovery. I noted that the bios recovery took almost 10min, much longer than the 5 min indicated by Intel. Upon reboot, I found from the event log in the BIOS that the processor had suffered a thermal trip and the BIOS version has not changed at all. If the BIOS is of wrong version, is not it should be replaced with a new version by Updating (which requires a larger BIOS file), rather than doing a recovery, which would have meant for repair ?

    I really appreciate it one of you could help me solve this problem of booting up with a new MB.
  4. Quote:
    owever, immediately I faced another problem. My old HDD which could operate perfectly well with my old ABIT MB with AMD processor now could not be booted up.

    did you do a fresh install of windows?
  5. The boot message you are getting is asking if you want to go into Safe mode and is entirely normal. You have changed from an AMD platform to an Intel platform, none of the drivers on the HD will work anymore. Assuming you planned for a wipe and reload, you *did* know this would happen before you began this didn't you, now is the time to do it.
  6. I am aware of the need to reload new drivers for display card and motherboard. But I did not expect not able to go into Safe Mode or any other mode of booting up. I hesistat to load the new drivers onto the old HDD because I am afraid that the old HDD may not able to operate with my old ABIT MB later.
    I intend to transfer the content of my old HDD to the new HDD and keep the old HDD with the AMD system. To use Seagate's DiskWizard to copy the HDD content, I need to operate the old HDD as Master. As my old ABIT MB could not detect the new SATA HDD, I am trying to do the HDD duplication on the new MB. My XP CD ROM is not bootable type and this stop me from doing a clean installation on the new HDD with the Intel MB.
  7. Yeah.....

    Sorry, but you are probably going to wipe your hard drive and re-install XP.
    It dosen't really like being pulled from one rig and put in another.

    Why don't you just put your old hd back in your old box and put windows on your new hard drive w/ your new box?
    All XP install cd's should be bootable, so make shure you set it to boot from your dvd drive in your bios.
    After you can boot from your new system, network them to get your data.
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