Use RAMdisk or Separate SSD w/ Photoshop CS5

I want CS5 to run as fast as it can. My question is,

Should I go out and buy as much RAM as I can so I can make a 12 gig RAMdisk scratch disk, or am I better off buying a separate SSD for all my Adobe Software for scratch disks and temp and cache files?

I have one ssd with OS on it and all my programs, I did all the tweaks so unnecessary writing isn't a constant. I "Junctioned" a few folders also.

I have 30 gigs of SSD space left. Could I, if I so choose to, partition 12 gigs of scratchdisk space for CS5?. Meaning PS can only use the 12 gigs allotted to it? Can't be skipping around the SSD.

My set up if you need to know.

Gig Mobo p55m
i5 760 2.8 OC'd to 3.6
8 gb of OCZ RAM 10666 OC'd to 1508 MhZ
GT 460 Nvidia SuperClocked. running at 852 MhZ
Lots of FANs Huge Processor cooler.
2 HDD's and 1 SSD.
Win 7 Ultimate x64
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  1. Do all that, and you will not notice increase. Instead get small size Vertex 2 or better so u have 2 ssd's and install system on 1st and aps,doc folder on 2nd + share the page file with both ssd's.
    more memory is always good . Also u will see 20% improvement. Want more?The Sandy Bridge i7-2600K + Nvidia CUDA +16GB RAM total All OC and maybe u will see 30/40% improvement from what u have now. And only on large images (25MB+)with rendering.
    But on small images you'll save couple of seconds or less. I tried lots of it. Now, ssd and CPU's are fast compare to HDD based systems.I would save that money and upgrade next spring.(more Intel CPU power is coming)
  2. On a 64-bit system I can't think of a reason you'd ever want to use a RAMDisk. Windows 7 caches disk operations in RAM, which gives you the same benefits of a RAMDisk. All a RAMDisk does is to limit the amount of space Windows has available for caching I/O to other files.
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