Making the jump from agp single core 2 dual core pci express

The last system that I built myself was a pentium 4 skt 478 3ghz. 7800gs (upgrade) gig of ddr400, I have it watercooled so it is running about 3.8ghz so still able to keep up. However I want to build a new one. Since I need to keep it on the cheap for now. Also with vista coming out. who knows what little roadblocks we will run into. For instance bought the 7800gs thinking I would use it as a htpc, when my new one is built, but it does not have hdcp so that is over. This is what I am looking at a 6600 watercooled. (any thoughts on overclock potential, danger den tdx w/ bonneville dual 120 mm fans) a cheap motherboard. 150$ range. I will upgrade to nvidia 680 when I get a chance. One stick of cosair ram 1 gig. ( 2nd stick later when I install vista) and a video card. thinking ati 1950. Since the last one I have built, the video card is what is most troubling. They change faster than i can keep track and the vga charts dont have all the different types on it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. anyone help please.
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