Yet another budget build... tips? $700 budget

OK so I'm looking at this setup... nice and cheap. I was thinking of going for simply rebuilding my computer in my current case, but since the PSU is dying after 5 years (it lasted long for a non-name 300w oem psu bundled with the case), I wanted to get a new case and a newer psu. Hopefully this one will last me at least 3 years...

Current computer (that was made by my uncle; his last build)...
Intel Celeron 2.0GHz (400 FSB), Socket 478, 128kb L2 cache
Intel D845PESV, DDR DIMM 1 burned out, AGP 4x, Onboard LAN and whatnot
PNY GeForce FX 5200, 128mb ddr, AGP 4x/8x
Windows XP Home SP2 (not 2b, yet), 2002 version
80GB 7200RPM E-IDE Hard Drive
50x CD-ROM drive, IDE
300-watt OEM power supply
No-name case in white/silver (looks pretty cool actually, not half-bad!)
3.5" Floppy drive in white, rarely used

The upgrade...
Case & PSU - $33.99
Hard Drive - $52.99
Video Card - $42.99
DVD-ROM drive - $17.99
RAM - $85.49
Motherboard - $107.99
CPU - $179.00
Floppy & MCR - $17.24
OS - $119.99

That's a generic case and power-supply. 160gb sata hard drive at $0.33/gig. Hold-me-over-to-DX10 video card, GeForce 7300LE. DVD-ROM drive. 1GB of DDR2-667. Gigabyte GA-965P-S3. Intel C2D E4300. 3.5" floppy and memory-card-reader. Windows Vista Home Premium.

It may not look like much, but it will be much faster then my current computer. I want to get a GeForce 8600 or something a bit after they're released. The video card is only $47 (w/ shipping).

Subtotal... $657.67
Shipping... $33.28
Total... $690.95
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  1. Oh yeah... I want to overclock the CPU to 333mhz fsb or so. The RAM won't be too much or too cheap... it will be underclocked at stock, though I hope I can make it at 333*9, or 3ghz. It's a good overclock, i doubt i'll need aftermarket cooling. The RAM isnt for an overclock... but overclocking the CPU isn't going to harm the RAM--it'll probably help more.
  2. C2D E4300

    Gigabyte GA-965P-S3

    G.Skill 2x512MB F2-6400CL5D-1GBNQ

    eVGA 7600GT 256-P2-N550 -T2

    Seagate 7200.10 250GB ST3250620AS

    Pioneer DVR-111D DVD Burner

    Fortron AX450-PN 450W

    Rosewill R604-P BK 120mm Fan Mid Tower

    Total about $700 before tax & shipping

    The psu you picked would probably crap out in a short time. The rest are ok. If you don't game, replace the 7600gt with a 6200.
  3. I'm sort of a gamer... the 7300LE is a hold-me-over card, unlike my FX 5200 was.

    What I like from you....
    CPU - Same as mine
    Mobo - Same as mine
    RAM - I don't like 2-stick stuff and I doubt I'll be able to do a 100% overclock. 67% at best with stock
    GPU - I don't want a DX9 card; DX10 is coming. I'll upgrade to GeForce 8600 when they drop below $180.
    HDD - Good price per gig, but I doubt I'll use all 250gb of it for a while. I'll burn data DVDs instead. I already have a 80gb drive that I <might> carry over for Ubuntu
    PSU - Looks alright
    Case - Eh... it's so-so.

    The point is you forgot Windows and shipping. That system would easily be $150 more ($150 that i could use for upgrades).

    Most games I play are more CPU-based then GPU-based... a decent GPU is usually needed though.
  4. They're not set in stone. You can change anything you want.
  5. I know.

    I think i like my setup more... it seems I'll actually use it all and waste less money.

    Any tips on anything?
  6. Your specs are fine except for the psu. I'd pick something better like the Fortron.
  7. OK I changed it up a bit... I might just up to $800 budget.

    That'll run me $771.41. Shipping will be $34.43. $805.84 total... I still want the $700 budget. I will probably choose another case, though I don't see another one with such good air cooling.

    What I'll probably do is the following...
    and 3 of the

    That will run me $694.89. $38.33 shipping. $733.22 shipping. Quite close to the budget.
  8. Em... thanks but I don't do AMD stuff right now. I already have a NetBurst (old P4-era Celeron) and I want Core.

    I'm probably going to hold off on this build until the GeForce 8600 Ultra is released for $180.

    Overclocking a thing I will do. The E4300 should be better, as I only plan to bring it to 3ghz on stock cooling. Less expesnive RAM too.
  9. Just a suggestion on the Case
    COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 - very popular building case

    and if you must go with the lower end PSU's
    I'd probably recommend theses.
    FSP Group (Fortron Source)
  10. I might just fit that case into the build...almost a thousand reviews?!? wow...

    I'll look it over, add it to the list. I doubt I'll use toolless features; any good cooling cases without toolless? I don't mind taking both sides of the case off to securely mount a hard drive... using screws in general doesn't bother me. Even if I don't take both sides off, sliding it into a bay and screwing one side in is very stable none-the-less.

    I like the XClio A380; the two 25cm fans will give me preformance about equal to $100-$150 water-cooling systems, without the fuss and whatnot.
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