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sometimes my linksys router 'times out' for no reason at all. im using v5, is there any way to 'tweak' this so I can minimize any problems?

btw there are 3 computers connected (wired) to this router.
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  1. I used to use the WRT54G, and switched to an SRX400 based Linksys router. My WRT54G had the same issue yours did, but it didn't happen very often.

    Some obvious things first: have you used the latest firmware? If anything, this may be of some help.

    Is the router new? If so, you could try exchanging it for another, if you thought maybe that was the issue.

    Less obvious ideas: The WRT54G is -very- hackable. Visit Sourceforge, and search for new firmware there. Non-Linksys created firmware -could- solve your problem. It even allows you to change the decibel levels your router puts out, effectivly giving you greater range off your device. Not sure if it would solve your issue, but it is worth a shot.

    Finally, a last note, in case you have to live with this issue for awhile before you get it fixed - I have all my network based items on one power strip. Then, if I ever have connectivity issues, with the flip on a switch on the power strip, I can reset the modem, router, print server, and file server.

    -Good luck!
  2. Im using v5 of the WRT54G and I've read somewhere this is THE version that cant be modified, I dont know if this is true. They say its because it has a smaller built-in memory (2/8MB).

    I didnt know that this router was hackable. But I do have my router and dsl modem on the same power strip. and I do reset it a lot everytime I get timed-out.

    I'll take a look around sourceforge and see what I can come up with first...
  3. i'm downloading the new firmware and see how things turn out
  4. Keep us posted!
  5. the new firmware seems to have minimized the problem.

    now I only experience "time-outs" sporadically. I guess linksys was able to fix the problem.

    apparently, the latest firmware was already available since May 2006, I was just to lazy to check
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