How Did the Intel vs AMD fandom get started?

I never bothered to learn the history about the relationships of Intel and AMD, and don't want to search for how all this

Us Vs Them

situation got started.

But I am curious.

Why is it that we have to choose sides?

Why can't I admire the superior C2duo architecture, yet still recommend AMD chips in many situations?

Am I breaking the forum Law?

It's like I've done a heresy, and sometimes you see a string of posts that seems like a witch hunt, or posts with LINKS (!)

The Show Trial posts

These people really put some effort into listing my offenses!

"Intel Bias" later led to a new thread mutated into THG Bias (neat trick!).

Suddenly, I seemed to be against Tom's Hardware somehow, lol. Which site I admire, btw.

I had an idea it would be more rational and dispassionate here. So when I asked about what was the perceptual bias (there is always perceptual bias in all people all the time, by nature, etc., etc.) regarding Intel.....

Well, you can imagine how that thread ended, can't you.

Because it usually ends that way, doesn't it?

lol....I'm 44 now, and I don't really have much passion about AMD or Intel.

I don't need to draw my logic pistol for the shootout at the OK corral, lol!

Damn, they're just chips, folks!

Really. And the shame is, if we knew each other socially, we'd probably hit it off talking computers.

Edit: as usual this time of night, halbhh is off to dreamland, new baby nearby
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  1. Threads like this perpetuates it :roll:
  2. Would you just drop it and do what the rest of us do? Offer good, sound well reasoned advise.
  3. I didn't read your post... instead I just read the title and now I will respond to the title.

    How did it start?

    I will tell you.

    Intel CPUs were coming out with high clock speeds at a high price.
    AMD pumped out cheaper CPU's with lower clock speeds but rated for a higher level of performance to either match or beat the more expensive and higher clocked intel cpus.

    So we had intel people who paid top dollar for a high Mhz/Ghz product and AMD people who spent less on a lower clocked chip which was rated for a higher level of performance(ie: 1.6Ghz 1900+, which had the effective performance of a 1.9Ghz pentium cpu).

    Then battle then began... higher clock speeds from the superpower... or lower clock speeds but "better performance" from "THE UNDERDOG" lol...

    but then AMD began doing very well with the A64 line... intel didn't do well with netburst... AMD turned into the superpower (or at least it seemed) and AMD users turned to their foes and said "whos laughing now"

    but now that INTEL is crushing AMD... INTEL users have the last laugh

    AMD will have its day... then INTEL will answer... visa versa... etc. etc.

    my 40cents.
    thank you.

    Intel 486
    Intel P3 500Mhz
    AMD 1900+
    AMD 3700+ / AMD 1800+ / Core2Duo at present

    I am a fanboy of whoever gets me the best bang for my buck. 8)
  4. Didn't read your post either but in response to the title;
    You might want to try starting threads here: as that seems more up your alley than computers.
  5. ..."Offer good, sound well reasoned advise."
    That's what I've been doing wrong. I thought it was wood, ground kelp, and seasoning spices. I guess I'll have to change my ways. Thanks, Nija. :wink:
  6. Quote:
    Why is it that we have to choose sides?
    human nature and insecurity..... fostered and perpetuated in no small part because in general their is no clear winner, Intel currently owns performance and the C2D's are better overclockers while AMD currently is a better multitasker and a more cost effective solution.... all points are correct with each side picking winners and losers with no wrong answer.

    how do you win an arguement when the Intel zealot says "mines faster" and the AMD responds "mine was cheaper" and both do whatever is required...... it's like asking what's the difference between an orange with the answer being it doesn't matter hamburgers don't bounce either.
    Intel CPUs were coming out with high clock speeds at a high price.
    AMD pumped out cheaper CPU's with lower clock speeds but rated for a higher level of performance
    sigh.... I hate it when ppl assume they have a clue.

    Intel was formed in 1968 AMD was formed in 1969 the fandom started shortly thereafter.... and long before Pentium 4 and K7 were created.
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