Is this a good card or would an external TV card be better?

Is this a good card or would an external TV card be better? The Vista View Saber 2020 TV Tuner
PCI Express X1 $159.99

• The Vista View Saber 2020 PCI Express X1 $159.99

I only have a PCI 1X availible in my build. I want to be able to watch TV on the next PC I build. I think it's crazy that $600 GeForce 8800 GTX cards don't have TV capture, but anyway.
Should I load my PCI Express x1 with Saber 2020 or should I leave it free and buy an external tuner? If so which external tuners are best?
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  1. Internal is better and PCIe x1 is faster than PCI. I don't know about that particular card however.

    Have them send me one and I'll tell you how good it is. I've tried the old Theater 550 cards, which are available in PCIe x1, they work good.
  2. I have that card -- it is exactly what I was looking for in a dual tuner PVR. It's one of the few that uses the pci-e slot, and among those that do, it has the best picture reproduction. It installed flawlessly with Windows MCE and interfaces with all of MCE's functions.
  3. btw, external tuner cards tend to be a bit of a bottleneck in the system.
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