best way to set up home network manually

i currently have a home network with 3 computers connected to a hub then hub connected to a router/modem (not the best router/modem in the world Bt voyager 205 any suggesstions on an upgrade please let me know) i will be adding computers over the next few years but at the moment that isnt the problem.

all computers run Xp Pro and and have fairly stable access to the internet at all times(any problems i associate with the router modem being crap) but upon using the network setup wizard i get very intermittent connections between the 3 computers i.e one can see both others but can only access one. the one that can be accessed can see the one that can access it but not the other. and the other can't see anything.
1 can access 2 and see 3
2 can see but not access 1
3 cant see or access anything

oh and i have enabled ipx on each computer and they can all play RA2 against each other at the same time
one other thing to add is that it takes an age for comp 1 to find 2 and 3 (2 mins).

im sitting at work now and access to the network is perfect very fast access no waiting time on over 50 pc's.

what am i doing wrong.

comp1 2x 10/100/1000 ports
comp2 1x 10/100/1000 port
comp3 1x 10/100 port
all built into motherboard

is there a method of manually setting up the network (i know my way round the ip configuration system but not how to convert it into a network) what services do i need to enable for best intercomputer access?

im sure there is a walkthrough somewhere for this but i cant find it, all the ones i find suggest using the network connection wizard.

i plan on using comp 2 as a fileserver once i buy a new comp to upgrade comp1 but would like to get things working first.

thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help
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  1. Since you have multiple protocols installed the first thing I would do is check the binding order on each computer's NIC.

    With XP Pro, the easiest way to get up and running with file sharing is to make sure simple file sharing is enabled on each PC. To do this, from Windows Explorer, bring up the folder options dialog and then all the way towards the bottom of the options list, there is a checkbox to use simple file sharing.

    At work you probably have a domain controller that maintains the list of all the computers. Peer to peer is a lot more hit or miss with Windows.

    If you set up each computer with a static IP address, you can use the Windows hosts file to manually map each computer's name to it's IP address. You would need to do this on each PC and each time you add a new PC you would need to update all of the others.

    Hope some of this is useful.
  2. If you are really using a hub and not a switch theres one problem. Hubs limit you to half duplex connections. Switches will let you do full duplex. All computers can talk and receive at the same time with a switch. On a hub only one computer can talk at a time.
    I would look into getting a switch.
    How many ports are on the router/modem?
  3. one usb one ethernet but its about 20m away from the computers it connects to so i cant really have 3 20m cables running round the outside of the house i will look into getting a switch are they pretty much all the same or are there any ones you'd recommend

    for those of you who are interested found this which is very useful
  5. What is the difference between a Cabel Modem Box,(Like the one comcast sends me, surfboard?)
    a hub
    and switch?
    could you explain a little more what you mean and on how the hub only one computer talks at a time, thanks.
  6. Switches and hubs

    Router and switch

    The cable modem is not really a modem - MOdulate DEModulate is for sending digital info over analog phone lines.
    A cable 'modem' connects you with the isp and converts the medium from coaxial cable to RJ-45 or USB cable. It does more than this but this is a simple answer.
  7. 2 can see but not access 1:
    Check permissions of the drive you are sharing on 1. You want read/write permissions on 1 for everyone or your list of people.
  8. I would like to ask you
    1 Are you wireless or directly linked?
    2 Have you looked at linking by earth wire throughout your premises?
    3 Are the people staying are your place paying or not?
    4 Are you prepared to pay a reasonable amount to sort this out?
    5 If you want give me a ring on 07883098686
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