Motherboard hitting 52 degrees load!!

After doing a bit of OCing the CPU my motherboard suddenly jumped straight up to 52C while running prime!!! At 243FSB the highest mb temp was 47C! Then a small increase of the FSB to 246 and it flys up to 52!? Okay now first of all i am not entirely sure if this really is a dangerous temp, is it?? If so what do you think could have caused it?
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  1. nothing to worry bout mine hits 60c full load but i think my temp sensor is wrong cuz i touch it n it dont feel that how but who knows (using the gigabyte easytune
  2. But now it's gone up to 55C for most of the time! I don't know why it's this extreme compared to what i used to get at load with the exact same FSB!!? Used to reach 47C tops! Also i actually zip-tied a 90mm fan inside the case pointing right up at the chipset heatpipe and it didnt do a dam thing!!! Infact it was after that the temp actually raised to 55 at load!!! This just makes no sense.

    I just got my CPU temps sorted with my new Tuniq and now this sh*t happens... :evil:
  3. if u added a 90mm fan to it and it didnt do nething ur temp sensor is deff wrong. do a test: run the puter at full load for 5mins with everything in place then take off the side of the case then touch the heatsink if u can leave ur finger on it for 10secs without it starting to burn then ur temp sensor is reporting temps wrong. So try that and report back, cuz if the temp didnt change when u added a fan then its totally wrong and u got nothing to worry bout.
  4. Okay yeah I went and touched the heatsink, have tried it before, and amazingly no it's almost cool to touch!! Barely warm at all! That was when it was apparently hitting 54C.

    This is good news i guess, but now my temps sensor is broken...
    I have only been reading of speedfan so i think i might try upload a new config and see if it reports different.

    So i guess no problem with the chipsets temps then?
  5. I knew it be fine speedfan probly just got the readings wrong wot does the temp say in the bios (system temp)
  6. Well when im in the BIOS the 'MB' temp usually reads a cool 23C. I understand that doesnt represent the temp during windows though. Speedfan reads around 28C idle in windows.
  7. Then u are fine, nothing to worry bout mate, Good luck in the future
  8. Okay thats great news! Thanks for the help.
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