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I've got a funny problem with my custom new custom build. It often doesnt POST at all, just giving me a blank monitor for me to stare. When it doesnt POST, i clear the CMOS and reseat the video card and RAM and it allows it to POST and i can install XP and works fine for me. But right now its doesnt POST at all, and im completely stumped at the problem. Ive tried to do my tricks as i did before, but to no avail. These parts are only a few days old and i've been trying to fix it all day.

My components are:
Asus P5W-DH Deluxe
Intel E6300
2Gb OCZ PC6400 Gold
Pinoeer DVD16x
X1950Pro 256Mb Gigabyte
ThermalTake Typhoon VX
470w Skyhawk truepower
2 x 320Gb Seagate Harddrives

Thanks in advance guys,
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  1. Make sure the ram is set to it's rated voltage within the bios. Many of the newer motherbaords default the ram voltage to 1.8v when it should be 2.1 or 2.2.
  2. I've noticed that the RAM i purchased is rated at 2.1V. But since the only DDR2 RAM i got is @2.1V, it looks like I may have to purchase some cheaper generic RAM that should be rated to 1.8V

    Ill buy this ram this arvo and ill let you guys how it turns out

  3. I bought a new stick of ram. Its 1 x 512mb 667Mhz DDR2 Samsung RAM and it still doesnt boot. I tried to start boot it with this ram and it still wouldnt boot. I also tried using 1 x 1024mb OCZ gold XTC ram and it still wouldnt boot.

    The next day i then returned the motherboard to be replaced and i got a new one. The new one wouldnt boot with the components i have. Guys, you have any ideas what is causing all this?

    Thanks for all you guys help so far :)
  4. yeah, thats what i do; trying to run the system with bare minimum components and still doesn't run. I've googled my PSU online and many reputable sources have indicated that my PSU's 12v rails are only at most 14amps. Is this enough to run my system at bare minimum, or should i folk out 140 AUD bucks to get a more reliable PSU - probably a Coolermaster iGreen 500w?
  5. I've replaced my system with a iGreen 500w PSU and now my computer runs. Thanks for your help everyone
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