How many amps do I need? I have big list of total amps!

Ok, I made a program to scrape all the PSU specs from newegg so I could parse the total +12v amps on all rails combined. Now that I have my list, I need to know... how many amps do I need?

I plan to build this:
GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 (or 965G, is either better for OC?)
Intel E6300 (will OC on standard HSF)
WDC 2500YS 7200 RPM 250GB SATA HDD
WDC 10k RPM 74GB drive
2 sticks DDR2 800

I have a DVD Burner and CDRW, I usually don't do on-the-fly burning.

Case will have 2 quiet 80mm fans

I have not decided on a video card for sure yet as it depends what I can talk my wife into letting me spend :) It would likely be one of these:
or if i'm lucky

I was hoping one of these would work:
34 Amps - FSP Group ATX350-PA
34 Amps - SPARKLE ATX-350PN-B204
36 Amps - FSP Group ATX400-PA
40 Amps - HIPRO TOP-500P5

I really prefer a recommendation on total +12v amps, not total PSU Watts.

Also I can send a full list of PSU total +12v amps upon request if anyone wants or post them if high demand.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. You missed 8800 GTS. Is there any reason? What's your price range on you PSU?
  2. To start with, I think you're looking at the situation from the wrong direction. That said, look for a psu that has 18-20 amps per rail, and also one from a high quality company. If you get a 8800 GTX, you probaly should look for a psu that's rated around 600wt to 700wt, depending on the total amount of hardware that you have. Don't bother looking for anything under a 500wt output.

    A convenient way of figuring out the size of a psu that you need is to use a psu calculator, such as the one at In the forumz, there is a sticky in the hardware group under power supplies called PSU 101. Read this for better understanding. It also has a link to the psu calculator, just in case the one I typed doesn't work right. It also has a PSU List that tells both recommended companies and companies to avoid.
  3. K, what to do is drop the raptor, get the seagate 320GB SATA2, Get a good power supply (a $35 PSU is just sketchy) and 8800gts (since you may consider the GTX the GTS fits better with your processor).
  4. Yeah, I believe the 8800 GTS recommends 28A on 12V, includin other components I believe. I suppose any of those that you listed would work, but I'm with bruce and sailer too. You should get a good PSU. Something from someone a little more reputable, like Antec, Thermaltake, etc. I heard OCZ makes some pretty good ones too. This would definitely fit the bill: Not a bad price with the rebate too.
  5. Thanks guys I know what to look for now, haven't made up my mind yet on the PSU but looks like I'll be spending over 100 instead of 50 lol. The Antec TP3-650 looked nice but it looks like they're not making them as good as they used to, so I'm leaning towards a CORSAIR CMPSU-520HX for the 5 year warranty. It sucks you can't just add up the amps on the rails, thanks for the correction.

    The FSP power supply actually has 35.4 amps... confusing label :) Does FSP use the same MFG as OCZ on this PSU?

    The GTS wasn't considered at the time because I was thinking I either get the best or don't spend a whole lot and upgrade later. I may end up with that though due to an increase in the expected PSU price. I have to get a video card right now though since my 6800 is AGP.

    I already have the hard drives, the Raptor is for gaming and the 250 GB is for everything else.

    The graphic requirements are pretty high on Vanguard if you want high quality. Consider it similar to Oblivion. That's why I chose a GPU that much better than the CPU.

    I think I'm going to get this COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UW Black case. Does anyone that has it know if the front will hide beige drives decently?
  6. Ok, the stickers looked almost identical for layout and had exact same specs on label so was curious.

    On the case, I guess I was confused when I saw what I thought was a perforated front door in this pic. I guess it just stuck in my mind, the other pics clearly show the drives would be visible.
  7. Thanks again for the help, I decided to go with an OCZ GameXtreme 700W, full system in sig.
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