I need to upgrade the power supply in my computer

Please Help!!! My Brain Hurts!
I want to be able to add an ATI 9250 128 PC 256 MB PCI Video Card, to be used for video editing. I noticed on the tech sheets (after I bought the card) that the computer needed to have at least a 250w power supply to run this card.

I also bought a firewire card to connect to my digital cam. It’s a SYBA Firewire IEEE 1394A PCI Host Controller Card SB-FW72874-3I. Their tech support site said I didn’t need any additional drivers, but when I installed it my CPU pegged out to 100% and I couldn’t find the device listed in my device manager. When connecting my camera the software couldn’t detect it. I tried all 3 PCI slots same problem every time. They had some blurb on their support site for “problems with the device” ( I tried all their suggestions) it was only compliant with a 2.2volt pci slot not a 3.3v slot, how the common or uncommon person is supposed to know that is beyond me. I’m sure that spec is in the IBM manual, but I couldn’t find it

So I’ve tried looking online to find out what power supply I can buy to upgrade the pc. I don’t want to cause more problems by buying the wrong type of power supply
Here are the specs on the computer.

IBM Netvista 8307-55U
Microprocessor (varies by model type) Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with 256 KB or 512 KB of internal L2 cache memory and Intel NetBurst™ micro-architecture
Memory v Support for two dual inline memory modules (DIMMs) v 512 KB flash memory for system programs (768 MB of Ram installed).
Internal drives v 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB diskette drive v Internal hard disk drive v EIDE CD drive or DVD drive
Video subsystem v Intel Extreme™ graphics v Accelerated graphics port (AGP) video adapter slot on the system board (some models)
Audio subsystem Integrated SoundMAX 3 audio
Connectivity v 10/100 Mbps integrated Intel Ethernet controller that supports the Wake on LAN® feature
System management features v Remote Program Load (RPL) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) v Wake on LAN v Wake on Ring (in the IBM Setup Utility program, this feature is called Serial Port Ring Detect for an external modem and Modem Ring Detect for an internal modem) v Remote Administration v Automatic power-on startup v System Management (SM) BIOS and SM software v Ability to store POST hardware test results
Input/output features v 25-pin, Extended Capabilities Port (ECP)/Extended Parallel Port (EPP) v Two 9-pin serial connectors v Six 4-pin, USB connectors v PS/2® mouse connector v PS/2 keyboard connector v Ethernet connector v VGA monitor connector v Three audio connectors (line in, line out, and microphone) v IEEE 1394 connector (some models) v Front connectors for microphone and headphone (some models)
Expansion v Five drive bays v Three 32-bit peripheral component interconnect (PCI) adapter slots v One accelerated graphics port (AGP) expansion slot
Power v 185 W power supply with manual voltage selection switch v Automatic 50/60 Hz input frequency switching v Advanced Power Management support v Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) support Link for the power supply from HIPRO (specs). HP M1854F3P
Security features v User and administrator passwords v Support for the addition of a rope clip and lockable cable v Support for the addition of an integrated cable lock v Startup sequence control v Startup without diskette drive, keyboard, or mouse v Unattended start mode v Diskette and hard disk I/O control v Serial and parallel port I/O control v Security profile by device
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  1. Try Googling Power supply calculator. eXtreme Outervision is a good one.

    I agree that Your present PSU is not up to the job :cry:
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