OCing new E6600 system; seems stable at 3.6 Ghz but...

Hello, I have a couple of questions.

System specs are in my sig, but I'm using an E6600, an eVGA 680i and a Thermaltake Big Typhoon. I'm currently running at:

Core speed of 3.60 Ghz (400 Mhz x 9)
Rated FSB of 1600 Mhz

My IDLE temps are:
CPU 38 C
Board 29 C

My LOAD temps (Orthos StressCPU with Gromacs score)
CPU 68 C
System 29 C

I have the following voltages set (I haven't adjusted them since I first set them):

vCore 1.45 V
nForce SPP 1.50 V

I haven't touched the memory, but I have 2 Gb of Corsair XMS2 Twin2X with the activity lights. I swore this was 4-4-4-12 when I bought it, but CPU-Z says it's 5-5-5-18. Manufacturing date is Week 29/Year 06 so July last year. Apparently this is rated for 1.9 V.

#1. I'm afraid of my CPU temp (68 C) under the Orthos stress test. Is this too high? Should I maybe lower my overclock and also my voltage? I would like this computer to last :?

#2. Is it normal for the GPU temp (67 C) to increase when the vCore is raised?? This seems to have happened in my machine.

#3. Can you point me in the right direction on memory OC? Or do you think the memory I have is crap and unworthy?
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  1. The GPU temperature may only be increasing as voltage core is increasing as the air it is using to cool itself is getting hotter.

    If your CPU, Chipset etc are generating more heat, raising the case temperature then the air the graphics card will be sucking in to cool itself may be hotter so less sutible for cooling, hense the higher temperature.
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