Does any1 know the easiest way 2 downgrade from win 7 to xp

My computer out of the blue began starting in safe mode I have had 2 many issues with windows 7 so i want 2 downgrade 2 win xp using a flashdrive since the cdrom is now not reading the disks. I have the Xp app on a flashdrive but don t know how 2 make it work that way
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  1. Are any of your installed OS'es legit? If this was a torrented Windows 7, I'm not surprised you're having problems. If it is a legal copy, lets try and troubleshoot it before you roll back to a 10-year old OS.
  2. Your only option is a clean install of XP.
  3. Novicorps win2flash, search it up on google. That is what I use for netbooks to do windows install from a flash drive, IF the motherboard supports booting from USB. A clean install seriously is your only route, any other method would probably be more trouble than it's worth.
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