Who tells the truth (CPU monitoring)

I have my E6600 O/C'ed to 3.4Ghz (425x8), and CPU-Z reports that, but Windows and Sandra reports 3.82 Ghz. How is that?. I'm attaching a screenie for you to see.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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  1. That's wierd as hell. I notice that CPU-Z is reporting an 8x multiplier. E6600s have 9x, meaning Everest is right.
  2. did you disabled c1e stepping and enchanced halt state in the bios?? maybe the cpu is throttling back and cpu-z is reporting that.
  3. Cpu-z is correct because you are using an 8x multiplier.
  4. Yeah I already figured out that CPU-Z is reporting with a 8X multi, while Windows and the others report with the 9X multi. Thanks for your help :-)
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