What does no video capture hardware mean in Windows 7 Ultimate

I have an ACER ASPIRE 5732Z laptop and the inbuilt webcam doesn't work, I have therefore tried two webcams at home, neither of these worked so I bought a new one. This one doesn't work either, when AMCAP opens, a sign pops up saying 'No video capture hardware' also, when I installed the webcam via the disc a sign popped up about the 'digital signature' not being authentic. Does anyone know what to do?
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  1. Did you install the drivers that came with your webcam? If you go into device manager, are there any devices with a question mark next to them? These are devices that need a driver installed.

    Windows 7 requires signed drivers to prove they are from a legitimate vendor and have been tested to work with windows 7. If the drivers aren't signed, they won't install. Also, if you are using the 64 bit version of win 7, you will need the 64 bit drivers for your webcam.
  2. Thanks, I gave up in the end and sent my laptop off for repair with ACER, they fixed it and returned it to me within 4 days, great service.
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