Need help ?? no boot ? only fans work !!! warm CPU ?

I am using a pentium D820 ( 2.8, 2 MB cache ) , with MSI P945 brand new , just bought them now , i connected every thing correctly (10 systems before on the same specs ) , but there the PSU fan starts the CPU fan starts , and after about 7 seconds it stops by it self , i tried taking off every component , still no change ??
don't know what to do , it's my best friend's pc and i don't know if i screwed it up ?

HELP PLZ :oops:
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  1. Does it boot to Windows? Does the fan start if the heatsink gets sorta hot to the touch? Let it go for a minute or so and see if the fans spin up. Could just be a slightly off temp sensor. If the heatsink gets really hot to the touch kill the power and let it cool. Hard to fry a modern processor as long as you have the heatsink on.
  2. MrsBytch wrote :
    Classic sign of a overheating cpu. Either the hsf isnt installed correctly or maybe you forgot to take the plastic off the thermal compound on the hsf?

    Yeah agree with you on this one. vipmohaned , you might have put too much thermal paste on also. Try taking the HSF off and cleaning it up and then reapply the thermal compound and put it back on.
  3. turned out to be a very bad mistake , one of the brass isolators was misplace in the case caused a short circuit .
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