Best Video Card for under $300?

I'm putting together a new computer and I'm looking for the best video card under $300.

At that price I figure it'll be really nice, but not the bleeding edge.

I'm thinking about the ATI RADEON X1950 PRO 256MB right now.

What do you think?

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  1. If you abselutly cant wait than gor for the x1950 pro or xt. If you can wait then wait for next gen mid-range cards. 8600Ultra with 64 unified shaders, 256bit 512mb ddr3. or get the r600 mid-range card which no-one has any idea about. It's all about the waiting game. your choice.
  2. Hmm, how long a wait are we talking here?
  3. Nobody really knows. My Guess is 2-3 months. Do it for crysis :wink:.
  4. 1950xt all the way, they run about $250. Although if your willing to wait for the midrange dx10 cards to come out something like a 1950pro would be a good place holder.
  5. I agree. Definitely the X1950XT.
  6. Wait, doesn't the X1950Xt run about $500?
  7. Quote:
    Wait, doesn't the X1950Xt run about $500?

    Not in the USA. That would be the X1950XTX that is near $400.

    If you are buying now, then the X1950XT definatelty gets my vote assuming $380ish for an 8800GTS is too high.

    The X1950XT's run anywhere from $220-250 after rebate. The HIS iceQ like I have is $250AR.
  8. Nope. You must be thinking of the 1950xtx, but those havent been even close to $500 for a couple months.
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