2 ISPs and three routers help!!!!!

I have a DSL connection with a modem/router combo and Cable modem with two additional routers. I have a Hawking dual WAN wireless router and an Asante four port router. I am running a cable from the DSL modem/router from one of the LAN ports to one of the two WAN ports on the Wireless router. I have the Cable Modem plugged into the othe WAN port of the Wireless router. I want each device to access each device on each router. Is this possible?

DSL Router/Modem
Asante Router
Hawking Wireless Dual WAN Router

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am ultimately looking to setup a web accessible server as the DSL Modem/Router has a static IP connection.
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  1. You will have problems going through the different subnets. The with 2 different ISP going in to 1 lan, that speels nothing but trouble. Have never tried or have seen a setup like that.

    Static IP is not required. You can use one of the Free DynDNS services. Most of the newer routers support DynDNS.

    Use the service that gives you the best uplink speed. That is what is need for server access.
  2. I don't see where the 3rd router comes in.

    The dual wan ports are plugged into:
    1) DSL Modem/router Lan port
    2) Cable modem

    I assume your webserver and clients are all on the wireless side of the dual WAN router. If not then you will have big trouble if you have clients/servers on the DSL modem/router side of things; firewalls tend to do these things.

    Normally a dual wan setup is more like this:
    WAN1) DSL Modem
    WAN2) Cable Modem

    This would mean you only have 1 router total. My guess is that your DSL Modem/Router are one integrated box. By having an extra router in the chain, It just means that you will have to forward through 2 routers instead of one; resulting in more difficulty.
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