Mobo with 2 PCI-Express x8 /16

Hello everyone.

I'm finishing a build with the choice of the motherboard for C2D
I have a Radeon X1950 Ultimate, but also a RAID ARECA ARC-1210 which requires a PCI-Express x8 connector

Thus it seems I have to find a mobo with 2 x16 PCI connectors. Given the RAID card works at x8 will it reduce the spee of the graphic card ?

If not which mobo would you recommend ?

I'm considering the MSI Platinum Powerup but any advice is welcomed

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  1. well one issue you may have is that a lot of motherboards only accept video cards in the x16 slots, so you may need a pro board not a consumer board, which will limit OC options.

    here is a board with 4 16X slots:
  2. The nForce 680i will do 2 x16 slots and 1 x8 slot... I doubt you will want it because of your ATI video card.
  3. Quote:
    The nForce 680i will do 2 x16 slots and 1 x8 slot... I doubt you will want it because of your ATI video card.

    explain that statement please.

    He thinks ATI and nVidia can't play nice.
  4. Quote:
    as im sure you know he would be wrong to think so.

    Correct. :)
  5. Quote:
    the reason for that will be physical size of the slot i would imagine.

    Yeah exactly. The physical port is x8 but I don't know which is the speed needed

    So which mb are you using ?
    I'm looking for the most simple mobo since I already have my good old X-Fi Pro for sound and The PCI-e RAID controller, no need for wifi LAN is fine...


    he does not need 4 of them and sure as hell does not need to spend all that cash.

    Which is perfectly fine with me ;-)

  6. Just about anything with ATI's Xpress200 with crossfire support will do that. I have a Asus A8R-MVP that shares the x16 into 2 slots when you go crossfire, or presumably just have 2 x16 cards. In my case, the second slot is fitted with a terminator because I believe that you don't actually get 2 x8s, but a shared x16, there's a difference.

    Something with ATI's Xpress3200 crossfire chipset like the Asus A8R32-MVP, has 2 dedicated x16 lanes so whether you use one or both slots, you get the full x16 lane for each card.
  7. A good number of motherboards restrict 16Xslots to video cards only, so an 8x card will fit but it wont work due to bios limitation. The 680 i would work, and if you wont be using crossfire should be fine.
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