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I am unable to play any of my .rax files of purchased music since installing Windows 7 and RealPlayer SP.

I've tried converting the .rax with a myriad of different software programs with no success.

Any ideas?
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  1. usually w/ paid music you have to register the pc...
    have you tried playing them w/ VLC media player? or maybe even Winamp?
  2. Pc was registered way long ago. I finally got into my account and can see all the tracks I've paid for. For some reason after I downloaded Rhapsody I was able to play the tracks but I bet in 14 days after the free trial is over, I'll not be able to play them again.

    I tried VLC, no go. I'll try Winamp but my guess is it won't work either. I tried about 10 different softwares which claimed to be able to convert .rax files.
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