Driver for HP Color Laser Jet CM1015 MFP

where can I simply find the driver for HP Color Laser Jet CM1015 MFP windows8 version? does it exist? if not: what to do
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  1. HP have not done a good job at making their vista driver installer work well in Windows 7/8.
    But the actual drivers work fine. Install them as follows.

    * Download and unzip (It's 400MB!)

    If you just want to install the scan/print drivers alone without all HP's tools, I recommend icopy scan software:
    * Plug the printer into your USB port
    * Wait for windows to detect and try to install the drivers. Printer drivers may work but scan drivers will fail
    * Press windows key and type "device manager" into the search. Press enter.
    * right-click the HP scan devices that show problems and select "Update Driver Software"
    * select "Browse my computer for driver software"
    * enter the path to the folder you unzipped above
    * done. You have scan capability!

    But if you really want the HP Toolbox installed and any other software as well as the drivers:
    * you will have to go through the process described in
    * which is basically to set all the .exe files in the archive root to run in vista compatibility mode and run setup.exe
    * But for me it always hangs when asking you to plug in the USB device.
    It may be that you can get past that by telling "network" when it asks you if your device is accessed via the network or USB. But I haven't tried it.
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