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Ok, basically I have a verizon dsl modem Westell 6100 if that helps, and a dlink dl-524 router. Since i started using the router, i get insanely slow dl speeds, from anything - ftp, http even torrent files. So I attempted to reset the modem and router. I made it worse- now the router settings are pppoe, when I want to use dchp and i cant even log into the modem page.
the internet works now... but for how long?

Any ideas on how to fix this? <--- Cant access page at all, refuses to load
any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. Verizon uses a 1492 MTU for there dsl. If you are using a 1500 (def) you will get extremmely slow speeds. They also have optimizer for your pc.

    As for your router. Check to see if your gateway IP matches the def admin page. And make sure you use "http://ipaddress", without the http:// you will search the www and not find anthing.
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