USB hub keeps switching on and off


My USB hub keeps switching on and off while I am copying information to my external HD. I have tried a couple of hubs, both powered and unpowered and they both do this. I deduce that it is either a setting on my computer, or has something to do with the USB port on the MB.

I am running W2K sp4.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. Have you tried uninstalling your USB drivers and restarting Windows to a fresh install? Also could be the cable so I'd try a different one.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions. I fresh install of the drivers certainly would not hurt.

    I tried plugging it in directly to a USB port on the computer, instead of to a hub, and that did the trick so far.
  3. Glad you figured out a work around. My experience with USB is that it either works and when it doesn't it's really tough to figure out why
  4. In general W2K has issues with USB drivers, SP4 fixed some of the problems, but the resolve (yeah right) came in XP and now Vista. Try not to use USB HUB for any data, they are really only designed for peripherals.
  5. I don't even have a USB hub. I have an external hdd that I plug directly into the machine and all the machines are on a home network so I really don't need a hub. When do you usually need or want a USB hub?
  6. Thanks to both of you.

    Well, I've learned the hard way not to use the hub for data, so I'll keep data transfer off the hub.

    Currently, I just have the one computer, and of course I know it does need to be upgraded, and that will happen in the next few months.

    The reason I use a hub is because I have only (2) USB ports on the computer and a mouse, keyboard, two printers, DSL modem, SanDisk, zen vision, and external HD to hook up to it. I've plugged the hub into one, and that will be all peripherals, and then I'll switch out the external HD and the zen on the other one.
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