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I just purchased an SSD and a new MB and processor. I currently have Windows 7 64 bit installed on a standard hard drive. I would like to "move" it from that hard drive to my new SSD and boot from the SSD. What is the best way to go about doing that? I have created a system image on an external hard drive and have created the recovery DVD's as well. Thanks for the help.
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  1. When moving to an SSD, and especially when moving to a new motherboard, it is highly recommended that you do a clean install of the OS as your old installation of the OS will not contain the correct system drivers for the new motherboard. Also, restoring a HDD image to a SSD will most likely not correctly align the SSD sectors as would a new format from win 7.
  2. How does the serial/activation number thing work with a clean install? I downloaded this copy of Windows 7 from Microsoft as an upgrade from Vista. Can I obtain a new one? I'm sure google has the answer, but sometimes it's easier getting a response from an actual person...thanks.
  3. If it won't activate with your current code, call microsoft and tell them your old motherboard died and you'll be replacing it and the HDD. They will issue you a new activation code.
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