cant overclock e4300/asus p5b deluxe.

EDIT: System Specs: All new parts: TT Toughpower 700watt, fan test worked out of box, powered watercooling parts, then system fine. C2D E4300 Retail w/ heatsink fan. 1.8ghz at 800fsb with 9x multiplier. COrsair XMS2 Twin2048 DDR2 800mhz PC6400 RAM(both sticks work fine and recognized in cpu z). Motherboard is Asus P5b Deluxe latest Bios and updated drivers. HDD correctly installed seagate 7200.1 160gb.

Well I read the C2D guide, disabled appropriate things such as spread spectrum, I have all working hardware and im typing from this computer, but I cant break 210 FSB on my e4300/p5b deluxe. As far as cooling goes I have a working water cooled loop with a triple 120mm fan radiator and quality cpu/gpu waterblock, danger den D5 pump which puts out 10.5 FT of head so I know its not overheating, I spread arctic silver very thin on cpu block with credit card, CPU Core Temp software reading 20 C on both cores, more accurate checked the bios saw 34 degrees Celsius for CPU Temp, which is low as far as I understand.

To try and maintain stability I set high cpu/nbc/sbc voltage levels, 1.4v, 1.6v,1.5v respectiveley. Then when this failed I lowered them to 1.35 , 1.4 ,1.4. Still no dice. As far as ram goes I set the timings to 5-5-5-15 and ran it at 2.25 1.9 2.0 2.1 all with negative results when FSB was raised above 210. RAM being used is Corsair XMS2 2GB PC6400 DDR2 800mhz. Ram is recognized and running dual channel.

Bios is updated to version 0910 released 1/23/2007.
Again Spread Spectrum, C1E, SPeed Step all disabled. I even tried running auto settings for ram and cpu volt no luck. System wont POST then reverts to 200fsb after two failed attempts whenever I try to raise FSB.

The one and only error I recieve on boot up is cpu fan error. However I have no fan for the cpu its on a waterblock, and QFAN is disabled, THe asus mobo book does recommend using fan chassis 1 for 'system stability' when using C2D's, is this somehow linked to my current problem as chassis fan 1 is unplugged but several others are being used.

ANy link to a solution or diagnosis would be great, thanks.
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  1. Try to test a different CPU or Motherboard to identify where the problem is, and locate which individual part(s) has problems. Usually E4300 and P5B-D can do much better than that, but there is no guarantee every CPU, RAM, or MOBO can be absolutely the same. Better hardware means there are better chance of overclocking, but it is also depend on luck. You can buy a selected and tested overclocked system if you like to have a garanteed overclockability. Good luck.

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