Memory issue eVGA NF41(Nforce4SLI) Mainboard

I have an eVGA NF41 with 2G (4x512) Crucial memory. It seems to be running fine but Windows system Info states there is only 128mb present. CPUz reads 2048mb as well as Task Manager and 3DMark06. Games run fine and Multitasking works well.(ran Prime95 and 3dmark06 simultaneously with no errors or crashes.) I have set timings as per mfg specs. I bought them about a year apart. One set is single sided and the other is double sided. Also, I do have the CPU Oc'd to 2.2G (245*9) the memory is set @ 204mhz (DDR408) 3-3-3-8 2T. Any thoughts? Is this even a problem?

AMD Opteron 165 1.8 (OC'd to 2.2g)
2g (4x512) Crucial Memeory
EVGA 7900GT (540/865)
Maxtor 100G SATA Win XP sp2
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  1. :D Cool Thanx.
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