AOpen 700w PSU

I'm about to order this PSU, I'ts a bit on the budget side. Any warnings or bad reviews that I should now about or will it be a good buy.
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  1. Chaintech 7NJS
    AthlonXP 2400+ 2200Mhz (200fsb x 11multip)
    2 x 512mb ddr400 Kingmax
    Pixelview Golden LE 5900XT
    2 HDD drives

    But not for long, I'm slowly upgrading to a Core 2 duo system and will overclock heavily.
  2. OK now lets see

    Running two gfx cards in SLI
    Looking at the Core2Duo 4***
    Maybe a raid setup

    Will overclock and then I won't upgrade in the next four years. Hope you can sort out something and plse a bit on budget side. Thanks
  3. Well, I think you weren't very specif about your upgrades. Lets see if my supposition is correct.

    Running two gfx cards in SLI
    Looking at the Core2Duo 4***
    Maybe a raid setup

    You probably mean a Core 2 Quad system somewhere in the future and you mention that you want a PSU for the nest 4 years. Also you mention SLI and in that time frame but you're not beying specif about which GPUs you want. I will suppose that you're going for high end GPUs eventually like the 8800GTX or GTS and above during those 4 years.

    Well, you will want a stable, quality power supply or else you're riskig too much. Unfortunately that doesn't come cheap. The Antec TruePower Trio 650W is excelent but in 4 years and with the upgrades you want and the to-come power-hungry GPUs I think that you will eventually need more power for those 4 years. I recomend a OCZ GameXstream 700w but that will cost you around 140$US. SLI/Crossfire with high-end GPUs for the next 4 years doesn't come cheap and even that PSU is not garanteed. I got myself a OCZ GameXstream 700w for the next 4 years with ONE high-end GPU and a quad core but I won't go SLI/ may find that you will eventually need even more than that.

    But if you go for a quad core overclocked with two 8800GTX in SLI and you wont upggrade for the next 4 years than you can go for the OCZ 700w. It will serve you well. The Antec TruePower Trio 650w for two 8800GTX will work too, but the OCZ will garantee stable and eficient power for that setup for the next 4 years.

    Hope that helps.
  4. I think this forum need more guys like you. So I'll skip the AOpen one and go for the Antec Trio. Thanks for helping out a noob.
  5. No problem at all. But notice that two 8800gtx and the Antec 650w may not be the best setup. For that it would be better the OCZ 700w. But if you go for two 8800GTS than you're ok. At least thats what nVidia recomends...
  6. Is it the Aopen AO700-ALN?

    From what I can see it is a good unit. Well I actually bothered to look. After 5 mins on google I was able to find out they use Fortron/FSP as the OEM for their units (they are UL reg'd under E190414 which is the same as the FSP Group (Fortron Source) FX700-GLN 700W and the OCZ GameXStream 700W)

    Here are the OEM specs (pdf)
  7. I'm not sure about beying a very good unit. From nVidia site that PSU is not even in list for SLI with Dual GeForce 7900 GTX or Dual GeForce 7800 GTX 512 MB; its only given for weaker configurations. That doesn't mean its not good, but I would prefer the Antec TruePower Trio 650w any day. It doesn't even appear in this list: , althoug that may mean nothing. I find it strange to find the Antec TruePower Trio depicted as Tier 3 when I would almost bet its Tier 2, but I'm no specialist. I would still go specifically for the Antec TruePower Trio 650W or OCZ GamerXstream 700w PSUs.
  8. Compare the above spec sheet to the FSP FX700-GLN spec sheet (pdf)

    either it's the exact same unit, or that's the most blatent case of plagiarism I have ever seen :wink:
  9. I said, I'm no specialist, but the same specs doesn't mean that the components have the same quality. The components may be cheaper ones but with the same characteristics, but thats beyond me. With the Antec and specially the OCZ you're safe as the components are of very good quality.

    I can't really say more than this.
  10. At least they choose a good OEM, if it was PowMax I would probably feel the same way :P

    Look at what BFG did to a topower/epower, they doubled the price for a lifetime warranty :!: :x
  11. AOpen® 700W Model ATX-AO700

    So I might still have a shot at this PSU.
  12. here is a short review/test from tom's a while ago which shows the max +12v@50a so I would shoot for 80% max loading so 40A load would be reasonably stable, anything higher would probably warrant spending more.

    Unfortunately budget and sli don't go well together :cry:
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