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As per my experience with laptops of Dell, I found that it's my big mistake that I believe in Dell quality and their customer support.

I never suggest any of my friend to believe in Dell services.

For the last 1 month, I am facing speaker problem in my Dell laptop. 3 times I register my complain in Dell website to their customer support. And also contact with customer care executive of Dell support. My case number is 3386353.

But nobody is taking this complain seriously. After some time, my charger had a problem. Again I went to their service centre to replace the charger (Note that, only 6 months back I purchase this laptop). Their in service centre, Dell executive behave rudely, so I took the my fused charger with myself and decide never to buy any single product of Dell in future. I found that HP, Compaque have very good customer services. They always take the complain seriously and behave politely with their customers.
The Dell company first need to teach their technical support employees first, that how to behave with their customers.

One of my friend is also facing the problem with her Dell laptop, which she buy it recently. And after that she found that it's mousepad is not working and also HDD had bad sectors. She is requesting for the last 1 months to their technical support executive to replace it, but nobody is taking this complain seriously. And always trying to ignore the case by giving some crap solutions. And till no the problem persist.

I suggest all my friends that never to buy any product of Dell, either they have to suffer lot as I am suffering with their products and services.

I think that it is a worst service. Even small small firms follow their ethics, but for the Dell ethics means nothing.
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  1. Hello,

    I suggest all my friend not to trust in Dell.

    In my last feedback, by mistake my case number print wrong. My case number is 3386353. which is pending for the last 1 months.
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    Dell support feedback
  3. never like Dell brands
  4. Well I have never liked the big boy's new support system Because they all use the same type of support. takes hours of jumping through hoops and more than 2 days worth of telephone support before they ship you out a part lol. even longer if you have to ship it back to them if the product is a laptop.
  5. But latest dell are super.....
  6. Dells are retarded. Worst costumer support. Makes overpriced computers (eg alienware) for morons who know almost nothing about computers). A dell is a whole great deal of crap
  7. Just to chime in for those stuck with Dell, or feel cheated by their crappy warranty.
    I deal with all the manufacturer's warranties on a regular basis (Sans Apple directly). They all suck equally. Some are better on Tuesdays if you get a good rep, some are at their worst on day X.

    The key to dell which make them stand out is buying into their gold next business day warranty. You get an american to speak with (or your native country), they go beyond their scope to help you, and they are quick and friendly. I always buy dell for this reason, but wouldn't touch their consumer brands with a 10ft poll.

    This is similar to other brands that offer it, such as HP, but Dell is very good in this regard, better then Apple if you ask me ( next day in home service ).
  8. I owned one Dell laptop and said never again... The new HP laptop I have gives some problems but this rare compared to the crap I had to deal with dell.
  9. Fenrir190 said:
    I owned one Dell laptop and said never again... The new HP laptop I have gives some problems but this rare compared to the crap I had to deal with dell.

    Guess you haven't had to deal with HP yet. I'd much rather deal with Dell then HP.
  10. My first and only exprience with Dell and their support was a good one . Now I purchased XPS line of Dell PC's and I believe they have a higher standard of support then the lower end Dells. Also in Dells defense I found this PC to not have hardware that must be replaced by Dell all of the hardware are of good quality! For instance my DVD-RW drive and my DVD-ROM are both made by LG which I have had very good exprience with. Also the H.D. is a Samsung 250G.B. S.M.A.R.T. Drive and performs very well ! If any complaint I would have it would be with some of the software that comes pre-installed on the system . However is that not the problem with just about every major PC company. THe tower that this XPS system has is a piece of art work with a lever at the rear top of tower you simply lift the lever and one of the side panels comes off ! THere are 3 extra bays for additionial internial HD's and extra PCI-E and PCI slots dual monitor capability etc. Very happy with this system purchased on sale for just under $1000
  11. wow, its so nice to have online support guys, I live in mexico and the only company that give you Online, Phone Support Is Dell, So.. What can i Bitch About?, in the last 3 years i bought an ASUS , ACER AND LENOVO laps, problems with the 3 of them (broke my lenovo lcd), Couldnt get refund or repair on any of those it was cheaper to get a new one everytime(Lenovo is still alive with an external monitor). Dell took my Laptop and gave me a Refund to Purchase another Laptop Because they sent me the wrong Lap.

    Anyways, In mexico Dells the Best, In Other places well.... I Think Lenovo is The Best.
  12. Dell makes great monitors : )
  13. In my experience with Dell, if the call is routed to the Phillipines support centers, then the support is better than average. I found that the support guys at the centers in India are arrogant and sometimes ignorant. Dell needs to make a note of this trend and take corrective action before it becomes another icon like Enron. The "E" in Dell reminds me of Enron!

    Dell's US support is definitely above average!
  14. Is there actually a perfect company out there?

    It mostly depends on the person who u get from the beginning. From there u either love it or u hate it.

    I always had great service from Nikon or Western Digital. Not so from Compaq (HP).

    I have to agree with Grumpy9117 on that : )
  15. The closest to perfect service has to be Dell's Gold warranty support with next business day repair. Yes its extra (about as much as apple care) but the support is always fantastic and routed to a call center inside the US. They have always gone out of their way to fix any issues.

    I would recommend it to anyone.
  16. Never had to deal with Dell, never had a problem.
  17. Out of 19 purchases I made with Dell in the past 2 years, one had a problem, and Dell (US) was fair and resolved it to my satisfaction.
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