LAN keeps disconnecting then reconnecting

I'm having some trouble with my main PC today. Everything was working fine last night. I walked in this morning to find that my LAN connection wasn't working properly. I left the computer running overnight and I am the only person that uses it. The notification icon in the system tray says that my ethernet connection is continually disconnecting and reconnecting every 2 seconds or so.

I tried connecting the computer to 4 different Linksys WRT54G's with different firmware, 1 Cisco router, and directly to my cable modem. No luck. When I unplug the ethernet cable from the back of the computer it stops the rapid cycle.

It sometimes switches on and off so rapidly that a Web page will load without timing out.

Here's the specs on my PC, if they help any:
Windows XP Professional
Abit KN8 SLI Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
1GB (512MB x 2) Corsair XMS
250GB Western Digital
Nvidia GeForce 6600 x 2 (SLI)

Edit: Tried it out in Windows Vista RC1...It gives a "limited or no connectivity" warning, then disconnects. It doesn't try to reconnect again. Seems to be a hardware problem.
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  1. You have isolated the problem to your pc. Check to see if there are any new drivers for your pc. Looks like you may need to add a new nic if out of warranty. I am assuming this is a wired connection and not wireless
  2. My friend had the same problem he changed the network speed from 100 mbps to 10 mbps full duplex, the problem disappeared. He got a new lan card couple of days later.
  3. Spyware
    Set NIC to 100/full duplex.

    Possible virus or even a DoS on your computer.
  4. diagnose the driver

    click the LAN icon, open network sharing, click on local area connections, diagnose

    it fixed for me. This will reset the LAN adapter so it will function normally :)
  5. here how my problem got solved
    i tried diagnose,,updated driver which were already updated ,,,then reducing speed to 10mbps half duplex finaly worked but whose speed to reduce that was not mentioned i reply posted by some one so i did a little research and found soultion

    For win7:(i have win7 and a pppoe type of broadband internet connection which requires a dial up to connect to the internet over pppoe connection that is a a cat5 or rj45 connection directly comming to my desktop.

    open network &sharing centre
    click on change adapter settings
    In this u will see ""Local Area Connection"" Right click on that and click on its Properties
    In properties click on ""Configure""
    after opening configure look for the tab "Advanced">> in advanced uwill get a list of some options scrol down and
    look for ""SPEED and DUPLEX" and click on it after that on right u will get optins of ""Value" click on its dropdown list and
    select ""10Mbps Half Duplex""
    then click on ""OK"" and done this is how my problem got solved
    if 10mbps half dplex dont work for u then try all the options and in the value of speed and duplex n chek if that works for u or not.
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