Switching Storage Controllers didn't work! Need some help.

HI All, ...
Have a small problem, switched controllers and windows won't boot, blank screen only.

Current config: Dell 8400 sys (82801 contrlr, 925x latest drivers) w/ RAID System Drv C = 2 36gb raptors set for striped operation, Data Drive D = 2 200gb baracudas set for mirrored.

My goals are twofold. 1. get Drive C setup for mirrored operation for redundancy. 2. Move Hard Drives to new case mobo, Core2, etc,etc.

Step 1: I purchased an 8-port Adaptec 2810sa PCI controller, and 2 WD 80gb raptors. Installed the adaptec in system. Installed the 2 hds, set them up for RAID 1 operation, installed Win drivers. Boot up, everything is fine, new Volume shows as F: right behind the CDROM. I format the volume. Then run NOrton Ghost, latest version, and do a partition copy, including MBR & 'set active', ... 40 minutes later, ... job done, everything looks good. I power down the system, remove the power cables from my original booting Raid1 vol. then boot the system. ... nothing, blank screen. I also tried pressing F8, to start Win in safe mode, menu comes up, but when I press 'enter' to run in safe mode, nothing happens, .. dead lockup. If I do nothing, the system hangs with a blank screen as soon as it hits the MBR.

Does anyone have any ideas? I used to do this stuff everyday back in the mid 90's, but have been out of it for the past 8 years now. Back in the old days I would have booted with a floppy , then ran "Fdisk /mbr" , but now I don't even have a floppy drive in the system!

I'm thinking that somehow Norton didn't copy the mbr correctly, or set the partition active, but dont know for sure.

From what I've read so far, ... I'm thinging that I have to , install a floppy drive, ... put back original hds, boot system, ... make an F8 floppy with the adaptec drivers on it, ... take out old hds, reboot w/ WIN CD installed in CDROM, .. press F8, load drivers, then when it gets to the menu, run the Recovery COnsole and type "Fixboot"

If any of the guru's here could point me in the right direction to get win to boot off the adaptec Raid Volume, I sure would appreciate it. Maybe I'm missing something easy, or easier that I can do.

thanks in advance
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  1. Try booting the Windows XP CD-ROM into the recovery console, and run "fixmbr" on the recovery command line. (You'll probably have to do this with no other drives installed in the system other than the RAID you're trying to boot from).
  2. You ghosted a system volume that had a C: drive letter and restored it to a volume formatted as F: The system drive is all cooked into windows, its trying to boot form C:. Furthermore, its trying to pull in the disk drivers from your old configuration.

    You'd be better off doing a clean install of Windows to the F:d drive so windows is internally consistent.
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