Where is the Nvidia Performance stuff?

Nvidia Performance loads up an Nvidia Control Panel window with a little motherboard icon at the top, then a little graph icon and the word "Apply" next to it below that. And then there is nothing.

If I look under the "Select a Category..." section, I show 3D Settings, Display, System Update, Video & Television. And then there's the motherboard icon with the speedometer over it. And it doesn't say anything.

I had a similar problem earlier where I installed this stuff and there was no "System Update" section until I reinstalled about ten times.

My 8800 GTX is running at about 66c at idle and I'd sure like to figure out how to lower that so I can overclock it a bit.
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  1. Since nobody here or over at eVGA seems to have a solution, is it safe to just install CoolBits still and overclock with that? The nvidia tuning/performance/monitoring stuff is just complete crap and every time I turn around, some part of it hasn't properly or completely installed. Meh.
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