ATI X1650 Pro or Nvidia 7600 GS - AGP based system

Hey guys. I've been lookin all over the internet for reviews on these two budget beasts. I currently have a Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 128mb so either will boost my performance tenfold. The question is which of these I should get. Both have 12 pixel pipelines, 128 bit memory interface and either 256mb or 512mb variations. However the X1650 has higher clock speeds than the 7600 gs but i still see that the benchmarks aren't that different...both win and lose respectively. So which do u think i should go with?

Sapphire X1650 Pro GDDR3
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  2. You seem to answer your own question they both/win and lose, in order for anyone to suggest anything you need to provide the games you want to play, and the expectation of the cards. Both are solid choices and pretty much equal except if you have specific needs.
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